Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still learning after 30+ years..........

Even after 30+ years of being a total creep and obsessively checking out the babes, I can still come across a "first". Of course, I feel the need to pass this along to the readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide".

Yesterday I was in a grocery store for a few items. Of course, when time allows I go to food stores in communities where hot babes are more likely to be shopping. I was near the dairy section when I noticed a babe wearing an unrevealing top and tight black sweat pants. As she was walking away from where I was toward her shopping cart, it looked like the outline of a thong underneath.

Just as I was about to give up on her and start looking for someone else, she bent over big time to get or put something into her cart. Being right next to the dairy shelves, the extra bright lighting resulted in what I call the "spotlight effect".

Her having thin black sweatpants facing the extra bright lighting and then her bending over making her sweats super tight made them see through for a few seconds. I could see through to her butt even though she had a thong on.

While this was not that special of a view, this was the first time I realized that the "spotlight effect" could happen that way from lower well lit shelves. This is something to keep in mind as another possible location for a good sighting in a grocery store.

Sometimes babes don't wear any panties underneath sweats. (I know this from seeing babes arrive home and seeing when they take them off.) So if this particular babe hadn't been I might have hit the jackpot with this sighting, especially if and when she was standing facing the dairy products or her cart and I could see her from the front.

I have been aware of and did write about the "spotlight effect" in my book, and have had several instances of seeing entire live boobs and thong or panties views right through clothing when the babe has no idea we can see anything. What I learned from this in the grocery store is another possible location for this to happen.

Meanwhile, a couple of guys have pointed out lately that I comment about mistakes that guys make in attempting to be a total creep, but I rarely point out a deed well done. Good point.

Last night I was at a concert. There was a babe that I did not find attractive standing with her guy, who obviously had a different opinion of her looks than I did. She had a low cut loose fitting top on, and the guy was a few inches taller. The guy knew to do the stand behind her with his arms on her shoulders bit. She was watching the performer, and he was looking down her top. So, yes, some guys can handle themselves quite well.

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