Friday, May 1, 2009

The Total Creep and schedules

Brian F. of Philadelphia writes:

“You hit it on the nose about the tendencies of babes at home. I can’t thank you enough. I did my exploring of the apartment building across the street and found a hot babe that likes to shower around 11:00 every night and then walk out to go into her bedroom before putting anything back on. As long as her curtains stay open, this is becoming habit forming. How did you figure this out?”

Thanks, and nice going on your find. This is something I noticed since the beginning of my binoculars days going all the way back to when I was in high school. But it is not limited to hot babes when you stop to think about it. I’ll be you probably set your alarm clock for the same time every morning and have your routine to start and end your day. The next time you are amazed that the hottie in that apartment just walked naked where you could see her right on schedule, think about how many things you and people in your life do at around the same time every day. Or every working day, at the very least.

The first couple of weeks after you find a babe to “watch” at home are important for YOUR schedule, too. Chances are you would spend a few hours in each of those first few nights in order to narrow it down to the best possible time(s) to be watching. You might have watched a few nights from 8 until 11 to see her make her walk before you realized that she is fairly consistent about the 11:00 time frame.

Depending on how many places (or how few) you can see into which have babes worth watching, you will find that knowing their schedules can save you hours of looking through binoculars at someone watching TV while staying dressed, or waiting and waiting until she gets home.

As I wrote in the book, I had my observation schedule going to the max during the couple of years I could see into a high rise building in a big city. From the babe that would start her day by walking into the kitchen at least topless early in the morning to the one that would walk around naked to turn out the lights just after 11:00 on weeknights. Of course, there are exceptions and there will be surprises where the routine changes or is different for a day or two.

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