Saturday, May 23, 2009

When being a Total Creep takes work............

Brandon K. of MA writes:

"I also totally enjoyed listening to your (audio) book. Now I'm wondering. I work in an office building with an 8 story apartment building across the street, and I can easily stay late or come in early to get some "work" done. I had a big project to finish and wound up working until almost 10 PM the other night. Before leaving work, I realized that with binoculars I could see into some of the units and I could tell that curtains were open. I'm going to "work" late one night next week. But I don't understand how you know which units have the babes. I sure don't want to be looking at old men."

I understand, Brandon. But doing research is part of learning about an apartment or condo building you can spy on. There is no one set way. It depends upon your situation. Often times you need to check out every (apartment or condo) unit you can see into and see who lives there. So, yes, there is a chance you'll see some fat old man in his undies. There is some trial and error. But if you see a young man living there, check back in the event he has a wife or girlfriend living there as well.

This is part of the reason I wrote "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". If you could just get some binoculars and start looking, the book wouldn't be necessary. You need to do your research to identify which units are worth checking out. I have had situations where I could also see the parking area for a building, notice babes coming home, and then see which apartment lights go on seconds later. But it varies.

But if you are doing this from work, be sure to be aware of a cleaning crew, security guard, and work colleagues who have access to the office or room you would use. You don't want to be discovered. Listen again to my chapter about procedures. Let me know how it goes!

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