Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leading the cheers

Don B. of Tampa writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your Audio Book (" Total Creep - A Guy's Guide "). The guy (Ken Collier) does a great job of interpreting rather than just reading. But one question for you. I enjoy local high school and college games and since hearing your book I have been paying more attention to the cheerleaders. I don't recall you mentioning anything about cheerleaders in your book. Have you had any luck seeing anything good?"

Good question, Don. I like the way you think. You would think that the skimpy cheerleader outfits would enable something to show that isn't supposed to once or twice a game and that if you pay close enough attention you would see the benefits of that. But, like many things in real life, it doesn't seem to work that way.

Cheerleader uniforms, especially for high school and college teams, are tight fitting for a reason. They can't have anything show that isn't supposed to, and it appears that every precaution is taken. In addition, the outfits are made to cover and protect the bra and panties. Or, if anything "shows", it might be underwear at most.

For football, and sometimes for basketball games, many cheerleaders also wear pantyhose with additional protection around the crotch area, adding an extra layer of covering along with the outfit and the panties.

Personally, I enjoy sports events too, and I have had the chance to sit near the basketball court and football field for games. And I will admit that, of course, I have chosen to sit near the cheerleaders when possible at school games. (With pro games, it is often cost prohibitive to sit that close, but I have splurged a couple of times.)

I have yet to see anything I shouldn't, even with girls doing pyramids and being held up high and having a view all the way up the legs, other than slight panties, and even that is rare. The outfits seem to always be made to allow room underneath to cover the panties.

There was a photo on the internet a couple of years ago of an NFL cheerleader who didn't wear panties under her cheerleader costume. The photo showed her doing a high leg kick and you could see some pubic hair showing on one side. Three cheers to that photographer, but I have to think that additional measures were taken after that photo got out to prevent anything like that from happening.

Your best bet at school games is not to sit in the first row or two. You could still sit low and close enough to check out the cheerleaders, but having even some of the crowd in front of you gives you the chance to see over a shoulder down a top and/or down the lower back of babes in front of you.

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