Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finding the right size

Billy from Michigan asks:

"A couple of times in the book you mention seeing a 'big' girl as if that is not a good thing if she is heavy. I happen to enjoy big women and I know for a fact that a lot of guys do as well. Why would you do that?"

I need to defend myself on this one. I went back and re-read the mentions you refer to, and I still don't find anything wrong with my comments. There are only a couple of instances where I refer to "big" women, but it is absolutely not anything negative. Within the chapter about the tendencies of young women, I comment about how I have observed that "big" women most often seem to prefer to hide their hips but are not ashamed of having an ample supply on top. That is an observation based on my years of experience, and certainly not a knock at all.

One of the general challenges of my book, "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" is that it is written for guys in general, and guys around the country often have different tastes in the women they want to check out. Some guys do not find large women worth looking at at all, while others totally adore them. Guys have a tougher time distinguishing body parts on dark skinned women, and that can impact the techniques I discuss.

My point is that I feel that no opinions about big women, or any specific physical characteristic of women, are included in the book. But I made some distinctions about tendencies of different sized women. I hope you will re-read those chapters.

But I will also tell you that I enjoy checking out a babe that is well proportioned regardless of how little or how much she weighs. What matters is whether or not I consider her to be attractive. I happen to enjoy some meat on the bones, as well as finely tuned. The fact that every female's body is different in some way makes it all worthwhile. I like variety. However, the book isn't there to tell you what I like. It is about how to check it out.

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