Friday, April 10, 2009

No potty break

James C. of Denver writes:

"As much as I enjoyed the book, I didn't appreciate the references to seeing chicks using the bathroom. I like seeing a naked girl as much as the next guy, but I think that while using the bathroom it should be off limits. In and out of the shower is one thing (and a very good thing, I might add.)"

(First, let me say that I other than spelling or cleaning up a term for a body part or activity, I have done very little editing of these questions. In this instance, James went into more detail about what he, understandably considers "off limits" with his questions. I did my best to give you all the gist of his comment.)

Let me address your concern. For those who enjoy this blog but have yet to read or hear the book, there are a couple of instances where I refer to an experience of having seen a babe in her bathroom. In some instances, I have been able to see a babe getting into and/or out of a shower or bath. Other times it has been to watch her using makeup, combing hair, or some form of grooming.

What James is referring to, obviously, is when using the toilet. And James is right that it can be gross or disgusting to watch (anyone) using the toilet. So I will clarify.

The vast majority of dwellings have the toilet itself placed where it is not easily visible, if at all, from outside of the bathroom. My experience has been that I can tell where the toilet is, but either can't see it at all or at most could see a small part of it. There have been a few times when I could see her legs knowing that she is sitting on the toilet. A couple of other times when I could see her head and above the waist while seated, but I don't recall actually seeing a babe directly using the toilet. I agree that would not be in good taste.

The experiences I wrote about for the book cover what I saw and how I was able to see it when babes were in the bathroom. Some of them are when she was getting ready or had just finished actually using the toilet. This includes clothing and panties being pulled down or up on the way to and from. On a couple of other occasions, I could see some of her legs and be able to be ready for when she would be stepping away from the toilet and be open for a good look. Again, this would be after having used the toilet itself.

I thought I spelled that out in the book, but if not I hope this answers the questions. Ideally, you will have pre and post-shower views to enjoy instead!

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