Monday, April 20, 2009

A " window" of opportunity for guys

Cathy B. of Texas writes:

“While I get what you are saying with your ‘total creep’ name, I find you and what you do a total disgust, if you ask me. How do justify it being OK for you and other guys to watch women undress in private using binoculars? What do you do when there is a family living in an apartment? Actually, I don’t think I want to know on that last question.”

Thanks for asking, Cathy, as well as the rest of you who have read or listened to my book “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ over the past few months since it has been available. Let me address your questions and comments.

Obviously, the book and the advice is not intended for women. Guys have been checking out hot young women and will continue to do it whether there is a book about the best methods or not. While I respect your point of view, there are also books and manuals about how to aim and fire a loaded gun. I have never used a gun for any purpose, and wish that others wouldn’t either, but I can’t stop books from being written or people from using them either. There are “how to” books about practically every subject we can both think of, whether we like them or not. While some women keep covered up and keep the shades down, others walk around both in private and in public with a lot of skin showing, and guys are going to look if given the opportunity.

When there is a family living in a home or unit I can see into, it depends on exactly who is living there, rather than how many. While I admit it seems disgusting to be looking through high powered binoculars and see a little kid running around naked, the times I have seen naked men (without a family) are just as unpleasant to me, but there is “risk” along with the rewards of looking into all possibilities. This is probably not the answer you are looking for, but seeing the robe of a young mom come untied and open up revealing nothing on underneath while chasing a toddler in her living room is totally worthwhile for me. I could care less about the kid. Another example, which is mentioned in the book, is an apartment with just a single mom and her teen daughter, and my getting to see the goods on both of them. That was a “family” I certainly enjoyed checking out.

You also seem to overlook that some babes simply don’t care. There are some that walk around naked knowing full well the curtains are open and people could see in. I once was looking up a high rise condo with binoculars from across the street and saw a young guy and wife (or girlfriend) standing right by their window looking out at the view. The wife had a short t-shirt on, and that was absolutely the only item of clothing either of them was wearing. So yes, I saw the guy naked, but I also got to verify the young lady’s natural hair color as they stood there in the window for several minutes. It’s not as if they didn’t know they could be seen.

And I’m sure you have seen your share of babes walking in public with a wide open collar and nothing else on underneath or pants hanging down over butt crack for all to see, and it doesn’t bother them in the least. A lot of guys enjoy that, and we didn’t ask these babes to do that. Those guys are my audience.

Jerry C. of Charlotte NC asks:

“I would love to meet you and have you sign my Audio Book version, but I can understand that might be difficult for you to do an appearance. What about the guy that does such a great job of narrating this? Would he do an appearance? I think you guys have done a fantastic job.”

Aw shucks, Jerry. I appreciate your asking, and I would love to do it, but as you realize, it probably would not be completely safe. It’s not as if guys could bring the wife or girlfriend with to meet me, and not like there wouldn’t be some women there who would come wanting to lynch me. Also, I do happen to be happily married now and have step children, and I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationships or create concerns for their safety and well being. Meanwhile, Ken Collier did a magnificent job of narrating and interpreting for the Audio Book version, to the point of adding some of his own words to bring the point across. But he wouldn’t be able to answer the questions or provide the expertise the book brings out. And quite honestly, he makes himself available for other voiceover work and wouldn’t want to risk that by association with this book. I have thought about doing some sort of a webcast. However, I realize that some guys need to keep having the book a secret and might want to have a history come up on such a webcast. But keep the suggestions coming!

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