Monday, March 16, 2009

A little bit of defense.............

More questions and comments from those who have read or listened to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" and e-mail me at at

Rhonda of South Carolina writes:

"My husband told me about this book, but I'll admit I only heard about 10 minutes of it. From what I heard and what he told me, you talk a lot about women of college age and into their 20's. I am in my mid-30's and consider myself to be in great shape and still turning heads. But according to you, no guys would pay attention to me. What about us "older" women?"

A fair question, Rhonda. I'll admit you have a point there. It wasn't until seeing some of these questions after the book was out that I realized that. I have recently pointed out in this blog that I'm sure I have checked out some women who are in the 30's or maybe early 40's, just as I have probably checked out some that are too young. It is how they look.

In my defense, I wrote a lot about those who are students and into their 20's because they tend to show more and be what I call more accessible than women in their 30's. But that is a general comment. The younger women spend more time going to concerts and festivals, to the beach, and being around and about where I (and other guys) are on the lookout.

Back when I was in school and then in my 20's, I had my "cutoff" and wasn't interested in checking out women that I estimated to be over 30. I never meant to discriminate. (It's almost as though I can't even say this anymore.) Just a personal preference. As a result, that is where many of my experiences came from.

I'll be honest. Now that I am near 50, I still prefer to check out babes who look to be younger than mid-30's. My wife's friends and mostly in their 40's and I simply don't have the same level of interest in looking at them as I used to. In a couple of instances, I have had to be careful where I look when they have been around with daughters of college age. However, when I was in my 20's, I remember checking out and seeing some views of my friends' wives and girlfriends.

I wrote about what worked for me and the various techniques I used. They happen to have been used for younger women. No offense intended.

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