Monday, March 9, 2009

The early days..........

The readers/listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write, and I appreciate it. You can e-mail me at at

Ben C. of Arizona writes:

"As much as I am enjoying listening to your book, I am taken back with your stories about checking out grammar school and high school babes. Isn't that looking too young? Is that really safe?"

Ben, please understand that I am not suggesting that adult men use my techniques for underage girls. To be honest, your question is somewhat out of context. The reference to grammar school girls (should really be middle school) is from my perspective when I was in 7th and 8th grade and would see the girls in my class starting to develop. My high school girl stories have two possible purposes. Guys in high school or college can possibly use the techniques I am teaching. Also, several of the techniques apply to other situations but happen to be based on a high school setting.

You can use the ideas, such as monitoring a babe's schedule, following one up a flight of stairs, anticipating when she might bend over or squat, and tips to follow when she is seated at a desk or open back chair. I don't suggest or encourage checking out underage girls. College babes are, with rare exception, 18 and older. That's a different ballgame. One that guys of just about any age enjoy.

Of course, there are times when out and about that it is tough to tell a young lady's exact age. But she is fair game out in public if she looks the part.

Reminds me of a personal experience. Many years ago, I was with a girlfriend of a few months who was in her late 20's. We were going through some photos of her before I knew her, including a couple going back to grammar school. I didn't know she had developed at an early age. She started to show me on photo of her, and before she could say anything, I told her I thought that was maybe the best photo of her I had seen and that she looked really great. Her reaction was to get a concerned look on her face. I was perplexed and said "That is you, isn't it?" She then said "It sure it me, but that's when I was 13 years old". Ooops. Well, I'm sure I looked a bit embarassed. So I said "Boy, if I had known you then I might have gotten in some serious trouble!" and leaned over and kissed her. I made it the compliment it was intended to be, but I didn't keep the picture. My point is that if I had seen her in a restaurant or somewhere, I would definitely have checked her out. No way she looked 13.

Point is I, like other guys, have probably enjoyed a nice view of a "too young" babe and not realized it. On the other hand, I have probably not looked at some babes who are over 18 because they look much younger and/or are under developed.

Getting back to your question, it is not "safe" to specifically and knowingly watch girls under the age of 18 - if you are over 18. If you are not, then boys will be boys.

Debbie M. of Michigan writes (and it is always interesting to hear from the ladies):

"My boyfriend let me listen to the part of your book about 'babes' in restaurants. That is because I work as a full-time waitress in a coffee shop near a racing track. It is a family style restaurant but because of its location, on event days we get a lot of young male customers. My boyfriend knows that on those days I leave my uniform open a couple more buttons and sometimes don't wear anything underneath. It definitely increases my tips and my income. But after hearing your book he doesn't want guys to stare down my blouse. Should I button up?"

I'm sure Ann Landers would have answered this one way differently than I will. If you want to continue to make extra money on event days, then do not button up. I would bet the ranch that your uniform is the biggest reason that these "mostly male" customers stop there after the event. The wives or girlfriends won't ever question "him" going to a family restaurant. If guys know they can get a nice peek down a blouse, the food doesn't even have to be that good.

Speaking from experience (as I so often do), I know that in my travels I have gone back to certain restaurants where the waitresses let more show. There is part of a chapter about going to places near college campuses, for example. I have to believe that guys will "stop for coffee if that babe with the open blouse is on duty" where you work.

I was really sad when a restaurant in west Los Angeles closed that I really liked. There was a hot waitress there who would lean over a bit more when serving a guy so that her not fully buttoned uniform top would come down on the side facing the guy. No way she didn't know that guys could see all the way down. But, trust me, she had regular customers waiting on her section. That is one example.

If your boyfriend is upset about it, you could try telling him you button up and hide some of the tip money. See, I told you I'm not Ann Landers!

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