Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The readers wonder

The readers and listeners of "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write:

Steve C. of OH writes:

"Thanks for some great advice. You are right about how many guys can use your information. You have helped me to see some really hot babes taking off their tops. If I may ask, after all of your years of spying and observing, what is your most favorite sighting?"

Good going, Steve. (I decided to edit out your description of where you see them.) As far as a favorite, that's so hard to choose. I gave it some thought, and actually came up with a specific answer for you. It wasn't easy. It's tough to pick something ahead of being at nude beach when a group of college age babes arrive and I watched some get totally naked and others take off their tops. Then there are the babes I have watched take a shower, and others I have spied on while they freely walk around their apartments stark naked. Another one that comes to mind was a babe who lived across the courtway from me and would come home late on weekend nights. Most of the time she didn't pay attention to the angled blinds and I could watch her strip down from fully dressed to stark naked.

But to answer your question, if I really have to pick one favorite, I'd go back to a sighting back in the early 90's. One of the babes I spied on regularly would sometimes not close her bedroom blinds all the way. This was a night when I saw her light on and focused in just in time to see her laying on her bed wearing a t-shirt and panties. She was reaching and pulling her panties down but not off, and pulled her t-shirt up, although not as far as I would have liked.

For the next few minutes, she was playing with herself. Big time. I have seen just a few babes doing themselves over the years, but none like this babe. She was moving and spreading her legs and manipulating her hands as if she were conducting an orchestra. Maybe she has music playing. I don't know. But she was totally and completely into it. It's as though she was acting as both the guy and the girl and her every movement showed how much she was enjoying those few minutes.

Minutes later, she got very frantic and I could tell that she finished. Then she laid there for a moment. That was fine with me since it gave me a good look at it. She then got up and headed toward the bathroom but slowly pulled her panties back up as she was walking away. Even though I didn't get to see her boobs that night, your question helped me to recall how entertaining and wonderful it was to watch her.

Thanks for the question, Steve. Let me know if you get to see even more babes.

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