Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Out-Creeping The Competition

OK, so it wasn't really competition, but a funny story nonetheless at lunch time today.

Whenever possible I try to sit and have lunch where I can choose my seat and get a good view of a nearby babe. It may be looking up a skirt or seated where she would have to turn toward me when getting up, a side view down a collar, behind looking down her jeans or skirt, or perhaps near a stairway or ramp for better up or down angles.

Today while scouting I noticed a decent looking babe sitting at a table with a guy. They were sitting close together and it was obviously a husband or boyfriend and not co-workers. I'm in a cold weather city this week, so she had her coat hanging on the chair behind her. As I came up by the table next to them (across the small aisle), I saw that she had low rise jeans on and that her shirt was up enough so that I could see some butt crack.

She wasn't the most attractive babe around, and it was maybe an inch and a half of butt crack visible, but that made for the best available view to enjoy while having lunch. I immeidately knew to sit at the nearby table, positioning the chair to look sideways at where she was sitting.

Since she had her coat behind her on the chair, she probably figured that no one could see down her jeans. And from behind her, she was right. But she didn't realize that I had a direct side view and could see some butt crack on my side, while her guy was blocking a view for anyone from the other side. In other words, I was the only one who could see it.

I had a clear view except when a couple of people walked by in that aisle. I did notice that the second person to walk down that aisle walked by rather slowly. Needless to say, that aggravated me since it took away a couple of seconds from my view of the babe's butt crack. I looked over to see it was a young guy walking away.

A moment later, I saw the same guy walking right back in the same aisle and looked at his face. Sure enough, he slowed up just as he was coming up behind that babe. I watched as his eyes looked down as he was passing by her from behind. He walked past her (and where I was sitting), then looked ahead, and sped up his pace to walk away. So there it was. He noticed those precious low rise jeans and went back down the aisle to get a glance at her butt crack, too!

It was like an out-of-body experience to watch someone else do as I do. And he did it well. From that angle he had to have seen. And probably saw more butt crack than I could, however brief in his case. While I got a much longer look.

My first thought was to say something to try and catch his attention and ask if he had read or heard "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide". He did that move so well that I truly believe he knows my book. I couldn't, though, since the babe and her man would have heard. The guy might have denied it. Plus, I know it isn't good to reveal my true identity, especially in a busy area.

Yet, I consider this a funny and wonderful story. Seeing someone else do exactly as I have done for years, and having it be successful.

Besides, I wanted to wait until the babe got up. There was the chance that her man would get up first and she would get up behind him and turn her back toward where I was sitting and show even more butt crack. Alas, she turned toward me and got up, so no additional view.

Maybe I'll go back by that same food court tomorrow and watch for that same guy. I could maybe watch him make the rounds before I sit down and use him to help me find one or more babes giving a view. Then again, since I eat there on occasion, maybe he knows to watch where I sit.

Could this be the start of Team Creep?

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