Friday, January 16, 2009

Naked babes update........Jan. 17

For those who are near these areas and/or have the chance to travel to check out the babes, especially the college age babes, I'm hopeful for some good opportunities within the next 6 weeks.

This year, the "Austin Mardi Gras" is scheduled for Austin TX on Jan. 31st. Last year there was a good supply of babes flashing boobs in return for beads and getting away with it. The fact that I have not seen anything on the official web site or from checking The Statesman (their daily newspaper) about "no flashing" or enforcement seems to be a very good sign for us "creeps".

If it can be done, the weather becomes the next biggest concern. If the temperature doesn't get above 55 or 60 that day (it is January, you know), it is possible that too many of the babes will have too much on to be able to flash a lot.

Texas is also the place to be as Galveston promises its own Mardi Gras, although this goes on for days. Now scheduled for Feb. 13 to 24. With the hurricane damage from last fall, I have to believe that anything goes this year in order to lure tourists (and creeps) to pump revenue into the city. But 2 concerns here. One, this is spread out over too many days. It probably means only a few babes flashing each day and not a fast enough turnover. February might be too early in the year, even that far south, for enough bikini or tube top weather.

Pensacola FL is having a one day Mardi Gras type event. Saturday Feb. 21 is the date now scheduled for that. As long as the weather holds up, this should be boobs a-plenty. The one day events like this are best early in the year since everybody attending does so within a few hours. All it takes is for a few babes to whip those puppies out, and, as they say, the rest will follow. Probably the best one out of all of these mentioned.

Also in FLA, there is Daytona Beach "Bike Week" from Feb. 27 to March 8. I don't normally suggest biker events, but I have heard that flashing isn't limited to the biker babes at this event. I am not a biker, but I have spent a couple hours looking interested and asking questions of the biker dudes while eyeing the babes nearby. If you are in the area and/or are a biker, it could be worth a few boobs to check it out. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about missing this one.

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