Thursday, January 22, 2009

and now the nudes..........

Sexting continues to become a controversy for those who are caught, including girls:

Personally, I could see guys getting into legal trouble if they TOOK the photos of a girl or girls they know, but in the instances in this story, it seems the guys merely received them. But this seems the wrong punishment if they do have to register as Sex Offenders. Doing so could mean that these teen girls may have to go to classes, hearings, or gatherings and be among boys and men who may have acted violently already toward females and would probably salivate at the sight of basically innocent teen girls in their midst.

In a way, this reminds of a few years ago when a high school babe went into the shower with a few of her boy high school classmates. The punishment harmed the girl's GPA which could impact the rest of her life. Not that she didn't deserve to be punished. The point is that the punishment was far too much for the "crime".

I would suggest to guys that if you receive a Sexting from a chick that you know that you transfer it or them off your phone as soon as possible. If your phone can't be hooked up to your computer for a transfer, maybe you can e-mail it to yourself. But don't keep the image(s) on your computer either. Get it or them onto a CD. This way if your phone or computer is investigated, none of these pictures would be found. Once on a CD, you could keep that CD somewhere you know is safe.

Meanwhile, although the news report doesn't give any details about the woman that sat outside naked, this might have been worth checking out if I had been in the area:

Maybe her protest will be successful, and she will be on to a way for women to protest for what they believe.

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