Monday, August 9, 2010

Maybe underwear is sexy - at times.......

Barry G. of MI writes:

“I can understand your complaints about more chicks wearing underwear than they used to, but I often find it sexy to see a lace bra or panties sticking out. It is better than nothing, even if it’s not seeing the entire (boob).”

Actually, Barry, I partially agree with you. This is an interesting debate, and I would love for more guys to weigh in on this. Back in the 70’s, 80’s, and most of the 90’s, a percentage of babes would go out in public not wearing a bra at all some or all of the time. Thus, if you knew what you were doing (and therefore the premise for my book), you would be able to see nipples when babes would bend over, wear a loose fitting sleeveless top, be seated with a loose top on, and other such techniques.

These days, with tops generally more revealing, it seems like 99% or higher wear a bra. Granted, some of the bras are lower cut and looser fitting than years go by, but seeing nipple is becoming a thing of the past. Being old enough and doing this for so long, I’m used to seeing more nipples than I have in the past few years, so to me it is a complaint. You younger guys don’t know what you are missing out on!

Same thing with panties. With shorts and skirts being much shorter, there is more opportunity to see up into panties. Even though in the past only a very small percentage of babes might not wear any when out in public, that percentage has also dropped. (But not the panties, if I may say so as a total creep!).

This becomes the “quantity vs. quality” discussion. You can see more skin on many more babes than you used to while out in public, especially in many professional environments. However, you see way fewer nipples and hardly ever score a bush sighting in public. (Butt crack sightings are way above what they ever were with the wonderful invention of low-rise jeans and shorter tops, so that is one positive over the past few years.)

However, on your point about underwear, I won’t totally disagree. Just this morning on my way to a business meeting I had a perfect example of this. I spotted a babe walking ahead of me in a mid-length skirt, and knew that at the end of the block she would need to walk up a flight of stairs. Since there were no other hotties within my view, I decided to slow down and continue walking behind her. (I also was going up those stairs.) Obviously, I checked her for panty lines and could tell she had full panties on instead of a thong. I could also see the top panty line, and it so happened to be hanging down quite nicely. Even though this was a thin skirt, it was not see through, but I could tell that the top of her panties were down along her butt crack as she walked. I found that to be quite sexy, just as you state. That if that skirt were to come all the way up, I would see butt crack sticking out at the top. It was a nice view for the few hundred feet until she went up the stairs. Even though I could only see the very bottom of those panties, I found her to be quite sexy.

Let’s see what some of you guys think about this!

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