Saturday, February 7, 2009

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T.G. of Virginia writes:

"I am still enjoying listening to the audio book. I was telling my younger brother about it today. He is away at (name removed) College, and he told me that from a couple of nearby dorm rooms he could see into some of the girls' dorm rooms at night with binoculars. I heard the part where you comment about colleges being a challenge. What do you think? Should my brother take advantage of the opportunity?"

Good question, T. From what you told me, it doesn't sound like your brother could use his dorm room. If he would have to tell other guys in the dorm what he is doing, I would suggest that he NOT pursue it. On one hand, I'm sure some of the other guys would enjoy the chance to check out some fellow students, especially if they are hot looking. But one slip of the lips could lead to serious trouble. Especially with binoculars involved.

If even one babe finds out the word could spread quickly and your brother would then be in for a rough time because of it. Babes could also complain to campus security. There is even a chance that a guy on the floor of your brother's dorm might have different moral standards and alert someone with authority. There is a reason why I say not to pursue using binoculars on a school campus.

On the other hand, if your brother were in off-campus housing or had a position to see into a girls' dorm from outside of campus property, with the right precautions it could work. But, as I point out in the book, it is very very rare to have an opportunity to see into girls dorms.

Dan from Minneapolis asks:

"As much as I love your advice, do I have to wait until spring? My windows get icy, and almost all of the windows I try to see into are covered with snow and ice and/or have curtains and blinds tight shut in this cold weather."

It's true that cold weather presents a challenge for home viewing. I have spent a few winters up north during snow and icy sub-freezing weather. There really isn't anything you can do if you can't see in to the apartments or units you desire, other than wait for a burst of warmer temperatures and hoping for a slip-up by one of the babes that she will forget to close the curtains or blinds.

A few times I put on a heavy sweater and actually cracked my window open a bit so that I could see out through my binoculars and into one or more places where a babe was. If your schedule and your angle allow, check early mornings before daylight gets too bright to see if curtains come open to let some light in. When the weather is that cold, the babes don't expect anyone to be near their own windows for any length of time to be looking in.

Cold weather days also hurt at work or school, since the babes wear more clothes and they are usually less revealing. Not much you can do, other than wait until the weather gets warmer.

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