Saturday, February 21, 2009

More readers write..............

Keep 'em coming! I'm enjoying the feedback from guys who are or have listened to "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" over the past few weeks.

Eugene C. of NJ writes:

"You give what seems like good advice about being able to check out college babes. Like you, I also really like to look at babes in the 18-25 age range. But you seem to indicate you still do this. You are obviously not a college student and do not work at a school. How do you do it?"

A fair question, Eugene. First, let me go back a few years before I began in my current situation. I have lived in big cities all of my life. Any big or medium sized city will have at least one, and usually more, college or university campuses within a half hour drive. I would become aware of where the campuses were and what was nearby.

Schools within city limits will be near a park (and if luck is on your side a beach), as well as a part of the city with bookstores, fast food restaurants, movie theaters, and other such places frequented by the local students. Those are available to anyone. (For example, this is the situation that led to the babe with the untied bikini top story in the book.)

When there is a big school away from the city but with a sprawling campus, there are reasons for "older" visitors, at least during the day when classes are in session. Some university libraries are open to anyone, and some offer unique or special research. I have actually called a university library to inquire and been told I could come and do research on a specific topic they have materials about which cannot leave the library. And then gone to do this "research" on a hot day.

Back when I was single, there were a few times I brought a few clothing items in a basket to a laundromat near a campus. If there were some college babes doing laundry (and not exactly dressed to the max), I would throw in a few items and stay. If not, I would put them back in the car and go somewhere else. You can definitely create your opportunities.

My current situation helps in this regard, but not everyone has these opportunities. Having step children of high school and college age enables me to visit college campuses in warm weather locations. In addition, the travel that I do professionally sometimes has me visiting and staying over in big cities. There are times when I have a choice of where to stay and will book a hotel in a college area.

Based on where you are writing me from, I know you can create numerous opportunities within an hour or two of your residence. Good luck!

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