Thursday, February 19, 2009

More readers write.............

Bill of IL writes:

"I am enjoying listening to the book! But maybe I'm not quite getting your points. This morning I walked behind a babe sitting at a table reading. But when I got close enough to see down her top, I couldn't even see any of her bra. You make it sound as if I should have seen all there was to see. And this babe had a lot to see, if I could have. What gives?"

Thanks for writing, Bill. I saw on the weather that it was something like 10 degrees outside in Chicago this morning. Therein lies the problem. The babes are not as likely to let any skin show or wear as much thin or revealing clothing in the cold weather.

As I have mentioned, I have spent a few winters in cold weather cities. Chicago is a great one for checking out the babes most of the year. Based on my experience, you can keep trying to catch a break during the cold days, but they are fewer and further between.

What I do when I am in a cold weather location (I do travel a lot on business, so it still happens to me occasionally), I look at it as sort of a spring training. Keep my skills sharp.

Let the fact that you knew to get in position to see down that babe's top and would have seen (according to what you describe) if it were there for the viewing stand for something positive. The more you attempt it, the better you get.

Last week I was in Philadelphia for a couple of days during colder weather than I normally experience. I remember one situation where I was walking through a hotel lobby and I saw a totally hot babe seated and looking over to one side with her coat (overcoat) open. I then "just happened" to be walking behind her in the general direction of a restaurant menu, and could tell I was lined up to get a nice angle down her top. I couldn't tell how low it went from behind her.

I got the perfect angle looking down over her shoulders. However, it turned she was wearing a turtleneck shirt. So I couldn't see a thing. I feel your aggravation. But I look at this way. Had there been a view down her top, I would have had the best possible view. I thought about the hundreds of times I have walked behind or past a hottie and realized I should have been a couple steps further over to get a better view.

As I said, that trip to Philly turned out to be "spring training" for me. In your case, and for the majority of my readers, this is good training. Look at it that it is better to learn the best angles and strategy by your "mistakes". And when she is bundled up, you don't miss out on seeing the goods if you don't get a good angle. Plus, you don't have the pressure of being "caught". No one will suspect you looking when there is nothing to see.

One more thing, Bill. You didn't say, but if this babe was seated somewhere you walk by on a regular basis, maybe you will start noticing that she is there sometimes. Or perhaps other babes will be sitting there. If that is the case, you will be ready for the warmer days!

Perhaps this area you refer to is a place to check out some babes, and you could have your regular "walk through" each morning on the way to work to see what you can see.

So don't get discouraged, Bill. Keep training. The rewards will come.

Steve of New Mexico writes:

"I love your story about the balcony light being off and fooling that one babe into thinking you weren't home. I can see into a young couple's room from my balcony, but not that well without binoculars. The sliding door to the balcony is not clear so I can't see through it. But I'm on the top floor of my condo building and there is a side wall so that my neighbors along side couldn't see me. Is it worth the risk?"

I'm glad you asked, Steve. My answer is no it isn't. All it takes is for one person to see you from across the street or a roof top or something. Since you say you have a condo, it is not as though you could run away and hide. But I do have an idea.

I know it is probably warm or hot outside the majority time in New Mexico. I understand that the door to your balcony is not see-through. Here's what I suggest. If it isn't too riskly to let bugs or flies in, leave the door to the balcony open, and have the lights off in the room (which feeds onto the balcony). You can stand back from the balcony in the dark and then use the binoculars. You will probably sweat a bit, but if the view proves worth it, that is the safe way. This is probably better than the cold weather city I commented about where I had ice on the windows and was wearing a heavy jacket in my living room to look out an open window using binoculars.

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