Thursday, February 12, 2009

More readers write.............

Eddie H. from Pennsylvania writes:

"I enjoyed listening to your book and appreciate this blog and your answers. One thing I noticed is that you comment a lot about college and high school aged babes, even though you are now middle aged. (Sorry - no offense meant.) I am also in my 40's and I like checking out women in their 30's and 40's - maybe even a bit older if they still have it in the looks department. Isn't that different?"

Good observation, Eddie. While I do mention a couple of times in the book that many of the techniques apply toward checking out women of all ages, there are some contributing factors. As women get a bit older, they reach a point where they gradually start to cover up more and dress more conservatively. Fewer women over 35 will wear a revealing blouse or low rise jeans in comparison with the younger babes. Some do, and that is great.

Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be in a situation of being able to see into one or more apartments (or condos, etc.) you will likely have a choice of the age of woman you wish to scope. Personally, I have always most wanted to check out the younger babes. It wasn't until I got to around 35 or so that I started to enjoy checking out babes in their 30's. Now, there are some that look to be in their early 40's that I like looking at.

But again, a cute and hot woman in her upper 30's is less likely to be as revealing in public and making some of the "mistakes" that the younger babes make that let us "total creep" guys get a good glance at them.

To the other extreme, guys interested in really older women could probably have a field day checking out the senior ladies at senior centers and senior care facilities, and when in a hospital or medical facility. If I had chosen to look, I could have seen a lot of really old ladies.

Most of the techniques I wrote about are not age specific. As they say, "To each his own!".

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