Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caught By The Live-In Girlfriend

Not that what this guy did was right, but it's still another example of what I constantly preach to my fellow The Total Creep followers. Don't have any evidence around that could get you in trouble.

This guy got into trouble because his live-in girlfriend found a DVD and was able to determine that this guy had created it. It was his video of babes in the bathroom, and the girlfriend was able to trace it in part from recognizing one of the photos from his Facebook page.

His having that DVD was the evidence that got him into trouble. If he had only kept the video on a web site for videos that only he had access to or on a strict password controlled computer, he would have likely continued to get away with this. No telling how many babes he might have recorded that were not on the DVD.

Even while having a live-in girlfriend, he was able to do this for an undetermined period of time without having been caught.

For those reading along who find this disgusting, it serves as still another reminder that there are plenty of guys who will and do go to this extent to enjoy seeing real babes naked.

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