Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wrong Use of Technology

This news story caught my attention as I wanted to read about exactly what the guy was doing. While the guys are thinking "This guy is brilliant" and the women are thinking he should be executed, there are other aspects of this story which should be explored.

Yes, the guy was morally wrong for installing software on babes' computers so he could spy on them via their web cams, but that's for the court to decide.

There are two separate points that this guy proves by all of his actions relative to the case.

First, he allowed for there to be direct evidence, and that will likely prove a major portion of his downfall. I have written plenty over the past few years about how guys should not retain any physical evidence of what they get to see. It's usually best not to take photos or video, but if you do, the idea is to get rid of the evidence as soon as possible.

In this instance, he got to see what he got to see because he placed video cams. Based on the story, the odds are high that he would have been busted anyway, but enabling the authorities to find the video evidence on his computers place the odds even more against him. If the authorities could not find video evidence, he may well have had some form of defense by claiming he did not use the cameras for that purpose. Yet, he would know what he saw and have it in his mind.

One other important point about his actions. This is further proof of a point I have made to both men and women over the years that guys want to see "real" babes naked. This has been my philosophy ever since I "discovered" girls sometime during junior high and continues to this day. I rarely go to strip clubs and have never hired a hooker or dancer. Even though a small percentage of "paid" babes are attractive, I'm not as turned on seeing their bodies because it is a job to them, and it is "expected" their body parts will show.

That is a major part of the appeal to me of seeing "the girl next door" (literally and figuratively), especially when I'm not supposed to. The guy in this news story obviously felt the same way. He could have used his computers to look at porn and nude photos to his heart's content, like so many guys also do. He could have spent his hard earned money at strip clubs. Instead, he acted upon that desire to see college babes and other babes who live and work in his part of the country, and was successful at it until busted.

Once again, it shows the extent that guys will go to in order to see naked babes. That is my other point in looking at this story. While I have never done anything even close to what this total creep did, I understand the thinking behind it. His scheme was elaborate, well thought out, and technically well executed. Yet, it was all in the means to see "real" babes naked. Again, that doesn't make it "right", but I understand it.

Too many women continue to think that it is only an isolated few guys who are degenerate enough to try and see babes coming out of the shower. Trust me, guys will use any creative resource they can in order to make that happen. It's just that some have more dedication than others.

These days, spying on babes has become too dependent upon the technology. And that's where guys are making mistakes. While the technology enables them to see the babes, such as what this guy did, it enables them to get caught.

In that respect, I'm fortunate to have been born more than 50 years ago and have developed this kind of creativity before there was this much technology. It helped me to never get busted.

One of the ways I wrote about in my book is a way I saw the goods on a few college babes. Going back 25 or 30 years ago, fewer college dorms (especially smaller schools) had sufficient laundry facilities. There were certain cities and towns where the students would frequent laundromats near campus.

During some of those years, my work took me to a least one other college town during the course of most weeks, and I quickly learned where the laundromats were that the babes would often go to. College babes often don't have much to spend on clothes, and that included underwear. Sometimes these babes would go to do the laundry and wear little or even no underwear.

Of course, they would be leaning and bending over to get their clothes into and out of the dryer, and in some locations also with front loading washing machines. Jackpot! I would have my basket of laundry in the dryer and appear to be sitting and reading a magazine, lined up behind these babes when they would be bending over or squatting.  Or maybe down the row acting like I'm folding my shirts.

Some would be wearing night shirts, or short shorts, or something revealing figuring they would be safe. There were some nights when all I would see were bras and panties at best, but I got to enjoy some college babes not wearing panties enough to make these laundromat visits worthwhile.  Even the night I dried the same shirts three times and was in there more than 3 hours.

Yet, if I was questioned by security or authorities, I could prove that I was traveling for work. Or, when in my home town, show that I lived in the area. All I had with me was my laundry and some reading material. I never used a camera or anything that would arouse suspicion. They couldn't prove I was in a certain position to see them bend over or sitting where I could see down a shirt or up a dress. No evidence, and these were "real" babes I would see.

These days, college babes rarely even go to the laundromat, so that idea has run its course. My point is that guys need to think of means other than using technology.

And, unlike the guy in the news story, not create evidence.

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