Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guys Taking Risks To Catch A Naked Babe

The things guys risk to see a naked babe! Sometimes you need to think it through before you act. Here are a few stories which made news over the past 10 days:

This guy is a landlord, who got caught with a video cam recording a certain tenant, including when she had some friends over:
This guy was caught snapping photos from underneath the curtains of a babe changing clothes in a dressing room:

And this guy was an Army officer, nailed using a telephoto lens for what turned out to be a 16-year old babe. Obviously, she didn't look 16 to him:

Then this dude left his phone with a video cam in too obvious of a location in a tanning salon:

While this guy went out of control and actually went into a women's locker room:
Talk about not thinking things through. This guy peeked under a stall door at a babe in the women's bathroom in a restaurant. His bigger mistake was having paid for his meal with his charge card, which, obviously, led to his arrest:
Although many a guy has tried to check out a babe in a hotel room, your chances of getting away with it are better if you don't use a construction ladder to do so, like this guy did:

Then there was this guy, who wanted to see his "Target" babe and was caught with a camera for her dressing room:

Many women still don't realize how many guys want to see naked babes, and what they are willing to do to see them. Believe me, I don't want these guys around either. They ruin it for the rest of the guys who know the "safe" ways to check out the babes.

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