Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Not Seeing Is Still Hot

As much as I love seeing the actual boob, butt, or pussy, it is interesting to admit that twice within the past week I have been somewhat turned on without actually seeing the goods. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not changing my ways and settling for these. But I'm curious to know if you guys agree or not.

The first instance took place during my lunch hour the other day. Of course, I always walk through areas where babes are sitting and eating or relaxing so that I can (hopefully) get my share of views down tops and down the back, as well as checking up skirts (in case of slim or revealing or no panties). There was a babe walking at an angle in my direction and she must have just left a cold office building or something. She had huge nipples nicely poking through her bra even though it was not a blouse that I could see through. 

Of course, this, fortunately, happens from time to time. I probably average a couple of times each week seeing some solid nipple prints and the babes either don't realize or don't care. This babe had huge nipples, and she knew they were poking through. It turned out she was waking in the angle direction she was because she was walking toward an area which had a corner ledge to sit on, definitely out of the way of any pedestrian traffic. In other words, she was walking to where guys couldn't see those nipple prints. As a result, I'm pretty sure I was the only guy, or one of very few, that got to see those poking through. I started walking much slower to watch her, but she sat down as if to use her phone and showed no sign of getting back up right away.  I couldn't walk over to where she was. It would have been too obvious, and if she caused a scene it wouldn't have been good. 

Still, those were such big nipples and she was clearly aware of what was going on, and it did turn me on almost as much as if I had seen actual boobage.

The other incident that turned me on (without actually seeing anything good) happened earlier this week as well. I was about to walk up an outdoor flight of stairs I take regularly (on the way to this particular job assignment). As usual, I was watching for a babe to walk up those stairs behind. I didn't see any wearing skirts, but did spot a hottie wearing light colored and rather tight pants. 

Of course, if I can't see panty lines before the stairs (although I did since this babe had light colored pants on), I'll certainly see them as she climbs the stairs. Especially when I can walk closely behind her and have my eyes just inches away from her behind. 

Not only could I easily see the panty lines, but I could tell that those panties were her version of "briefs". They didn't cover her entire butt. Even though I couldn't actually see any butt crack through her pants, I enjoyed watching from just inches away being able to tell that I could almost see some butt crack as she climbed the stairs and walked just ahead of me. That was sexy. 

Again, not as exciting as actually seeing some of that butt crack, but it meant more than if she had larger panties on that weren't letting anything display.

It's so great when babes wear those panties that are so low in the back, since they show butt crack when they have a short top or shirt on and sit down. But this babe was looking mighty fine.

So that's the question. Does seeing something such as nipple prints or knowing that butt crack is exposed turn you on, even if you don't actually get to see it?

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