Saturday, September 3, 2011

Isla Fisher Pops A Button

We don't get to see nipple, but it's wonderful to be made aware of a woman not wearing a bra when it's not even a revealing dress. 

Scroll down to the 4th photo and you'll see what happened during the scene Isla Fisher was filming. Granted, she doesn't look very hot and actually looks older in the scene, but that's not important to me for the sake of this example.

Us guys need the hope that more women, especially the younger ones, will start going without a bra once again. This is such a welcome change from seemingly endless straps hanging out and undershirts, tank tops, and half of a wardrobe underneath a shirt.

In fact, just this morning I noticed a babe that lives a couple of homes down the street (on the other side of the street) from where I'm staying this weekend come out to water the lawn. She was wearing a white undershirt and shorts. So I went and grabbed my binoculars. She was just outside of her home on a relatively quiet side street. However, when I got a closer look, I could immediately tell she was wearing a bra. Even walking around the house. Her shorts weren't even short enough to get a nice look when she bent over. But, geez, she must be walking around the house wearing a bra. This is what it is coming to.

So, guys, let's give credit to Isla Fisher, and let the babes we know think she's a trend setter! 

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