Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Plane To See

It's another reason I'm always on the lookout to see what I can see. The other night I was on an airplane and had the window seat. In the middle seat of the row in front of me sat a young hottie wearing a loose fitting top. I was hoping that when the plane landed I could get up before she did and get a nice look. She was with her man, who was sitting next to her on the aisle seat and they were chatting away.

But it turns out I didn't have to wait that long. About half way through the flight, they appeared to stop talking. The babe then reclined her seat. Normally, that is annoying as many of you know. Not in this case.

The passenger in front of me had not reclined. Thus, when this babe did, there was a wide gap enabling me to see in between. And as she reclined on the seat, it turned out I could see down her top. The guy in the seat next to me had dozed off, and the woman on the aisle was reading. So the coast was clear.

I was able to lean forward and get an extended look. However, she was wearing a tight fitting bra, and it was one that separates and covered up some of the middle area between her boobs. (If only it was a loose fitting bra or sports bra. I would have had a major look right down the middle.)

Granted, seeing a bra shot isn't that big of a deal. But finding out that if a passenger to one side in front of me reclines and is wearing a loose fitting and/or lower cut top I can see down is still another helpful discovery.

Thought I'd pass that along. As I continue to point out, it helps to pay attention to any and every babe nearby.

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