Friday, September 23, 2011

Glad She Lost The Weight

Over all my years of thorough viewing and watching of babes, I've been amazed at how a significant weight loss impacts their confidence in different ways. Sometimes a babe will want to stay covered even after losing a lot of weight, and other times I have seen just the opposite.

A few years ago, there was an overweight babe living across the street in one of the apartments I could easily see into with my binoculars. Unlike a lot of guys, I like some meat on the bones, and have spoken highly of some babes that other guys found to be "heavy set", "fat", or other such terms. To me, as long as they are proportionate I'm fine with it. As long as the boobs are greater than, or at the very least equal to, the tummy and the butt area isn't huge compared to the legs, and there are curves, I'm usually fine with it if her face and hair are attractive.

This particular babe did not appeal to me when I first checked her out. A couple of mounds of flab hanging out that took up more room than her boobs. I only saw the boobies once when she had her robe partially open and quickly closed it even though she had no idea anyone could see her. Never did see her butt or bush early on, but I wasn't that interested. Frankly, I would check her apartment to see if she had any cute guests walking around, but the few times she did over the first few months, there was no changing of clothes.

Evidently she started working out or doing something to lose weight, as about six months after she moved in I noticed she was losing those mounds of flab. I saw her a couple of times outside walking in from her car, and she began looking better and better. Her butt area stayed big, but her top half definitely had thinned down and she was looking a lot better. Eventually, she started walking around wearing less on top and I started to watch her more, although she always kept her bottom half covered up. I could tell she felt the need to lose pounds off the bottom.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman I know through a work situation was at a celebration of a co-worker's birthday, and one of them asked me to take some photos. This woman had told some of us that she had lost more than 60 pounds over the past 9 months. To be honest, she still had more to lose, but was looking better to me. She said that she did not wish to be photographed. That's my point. Even though she looked better and felt better with a large weight loss, she seemed so used to not wanting to be photographed.

Yet, some babes react the other way after a weight loss. Earlier this month while on a travel assignment lasting into a weekend, I went to a nude beach I hadn't been to in years. It turns out there weren't too many decent babes there, but there were enough to make it worth my while to stay. Since I was by myself and there were some guys there with women, I had to get naked and go in to the water in order to be able to scope the decent babes from closer in. (I'm always fine with that trade off. They don't care to look at me, and since I'm naked they won't suspect I'm checking them out through my dark sunglasses.)

After I got past most of the decent babes while going into and then out of the water, I noticed a group of three overweight women, all seemingly around 30 or less, that were in the shallow water standing and chatting, each totally naked. I was standing on the beach, near where other people were, and was looking over there. One of them was clearly standing with her back facing where most of the people were. We could see her big butt and flab hanging elsewhere, and it sure didn't bother me that I couldn't see her front. The second woman was standing facing out to the water, and was slightly sideways so that not much could be seen even though she was naked.

But it was the third woman that inspired this commentary. It was easy to tell that she has recently lost a lot of weight in her upper half. Her boobs were well rounded and hung in such a way that I could tell she used to weigh a lot more, but now was very proportionate. Her hair was nice and long, and her face actually quite pretty. Yet, her hips jetted out and her legs were rather thick. From the belly button up she was looking very hot, but below that point had a lot of poundage.

I'm sure a lot of guys would not bother to stare, letting the big hips and thick legs cause them to look elsewhere. But not me. She was quite attractive to me. Part of the reason was how she was standing. It was easy to tell she was confident. Those other two overweight women she was talking with were somewhat slouched over and clearly didn't want their goods showing. (And I didn't care to see them anyway.)

Based on my observations of babes all these years and her body language, she knew exactly what she wanted to have happen. She was feeling proud of her better body and not worried about the lower regions and her legs. (She was only in the water up to her knees.) I say this because she was obviously standing and facing where the people, especially the guys, could see her straight on full frontal, and she wasn't wearing a thing with the sun shining brightly on her. Her body language said "Check me out all you want!". So I did. She might have even noticed that I was enjoying the view, but it wouldn't have mattered. She wanted every guy within range to see all she had. Heck, I might have made her day by looking at her in all her glory and not turning away, like I would have if either of her flabby friends had been facing me.

She probably dragged her friends to a nude beach so she could stand there naked and hope the guys would "finally" start to notice her. I know I did.
There have been a few other instances, both while spying with binoculars and out in public, where I have noticed babes who have lost weight seem more willing to let it show and let the guys enjoy them. (Or, if at home, use the private moments to get used to letting it show.) I'm glad when they do!

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