Friday, February 11, 2011

How do police identify the victims?

Another of those stories about careless guys who get caught checking out the babes. But this one claims that a dozen of the victims were identified from this guy's photos supposedly looking up skirts.

Got to wonder how the police do that? And who is the lucky one to get that job?

But, ooops, this guy was doing this while at work? Oh, brother.

Actually, he did this with a heavy risk of being caught right out in the open. The technology hurt him rather than helped. That is so often what gets guys in trouble.

When working, and is the vast majority of situations, you can't have anything that could be used as evidence against you when checking out the babes.

Many years ago, I took a part-time job in a clothing store (for both men and women). While I knew that I wouldn't be able to look by the women's dressing room while working in the shopping areas, I was able to scout for when a hot babe would be heading back to try something on. As luck had it, a couple of the dressing booths were at the back corner, which backed up to a wooden wall to the storage room in back.

During my shift, I would try to keep the light off in the back storage room. Someone else who had or did work there also thought like me, and had drilled a small peep hole into both of the dressing booths. From checking angles after the store had closed, I knew that if the storage room light was off, anyone who noticed the hole in the wall (which was up by a corner) could not see any light.

When my work permitted, I would be able to see when a hottie would go into one of the two "visible" booths to try on, and then "just happen" to go back to the storage area to retrieve an item. Of course, I knew exactly where to go and quietly climb the step ladder and get my view into that booth. Only once did I get a babe not wearing a bra, so it was more than 99% bra and panties. Unless you count one babe that pulled her panties about half way down in back and gave me a lot of butt crack while trying on shorts.

But it made the workday a lot more fun.

My point is that I could have had a camera running the whole time that no one would have seen, and then probably edited down to the hot babes. Yet, having done so would have put in the risk of being discovered and arrested. Even if the babes were down to less than underwear, I knew never to take the risk of having any evidence.

Otherwise, if that peep hole was discovered, I could easily have either denied any knowledge or proven where the items were that were necessary for my job there.

By not having any evidence, I was able to add some nice sights to my workday. This guy in the store who got busted could have done a lot better. He could have been restocking while simply looking down a top or the back of a babe squatting over nearby. If she turned around, he could have dropped an item on the floor or appeared to be looking at his inventory sheet. But since he has his camera phone, he was stuck.

Guys like that ruin it for guys like us.

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