Monday, June 28, 2010

This total creep likes the 40+ women.......

Everett J. of OH writes:

"Count me among those who totally love your audio book. Great idea to put it on my (MP3 player). I even thought to rename the file so that if my girlfriend happens to check the playlist she wouldn't notice it. I do want to ask you about the age factor. You comment mostly about gals of college age or into their 20's. I enjoy checking out the ladies over 40 up to maybe mid-50's. This seems to be more of a challenge than you indicate. What suggestions do you have?"

Good question, Everett. When it comes to being on the lookout for naked women, age does matter. When it comes to 40+, you have to take the good with the bad in terms of your techniques.

When out in public, the "good" is that women of that age generally do not get looked over nearly as much as the younger babes. Therefore they might not suspect you trying to glance down a shirt or wherever opportunity knocks. While not nearly the percentage of younger babes that do so, there are some who leave the shirt open another button or wear a loose fitting top.

However, it is practically a one in a million shot to find a 40+ not wearing a bra or even totally revealing her bra. (Frankly, it's getting to be a challenge to find younger ones not wearing a bra these days.) The 40+ women do not want boobs hanging or bouncing, and especially tend to keep more of the hip area covered. Not as many wear low rise jeans with shorter shirts compared with the younger babes. Butt crack views are pretty rare in this group. The exceptions are generally those few who still look like they are age 30 and who keep the young appearance. (My guess is that you don't pay much attention to them anyway.)

My suggestion for when out in public is to do what I call "situational looking". Again, the majority of 40+ women do not dress to reveal. I would go into upscale retailers or department stores rather than hang at a park or street corners. Although I don't "check out" 40+ women very often, I have found that the best opportunities for a good look come from situations such as bending over. Watch for 40+ women working at counters where they have to lean over to get a bag or to reach for a receipt.

For example, find one working the register at the grocery store, get in her line, and then wait for when she leans over for a bag. Better yet, maybe she needs to mark a coupon and leans over to do so on the counter, giving you a nice view, even if it is always bra.

These older women always wear panties, and usually ones that cover them much more than the younger babes. Even butt crack is tough to come by, so my thinking is to concentrate on the boobs.

When spying on 40+ women who are at home, there are also a few different guidelines. You are much better off to find one who lives alone or with female roommates. As I point out in "Total Creep - A Guy's Guide", the younger babes living with boyfriend or husband will often walk around with little or nothing on to please her man. However, the 40+ women tend to be much more covered up even in the privacy of home when the man is around.

It is when they are alone or only with other women that you stand a better chance to see some partially or fully naked action. That is probably the most important difference to keep in mind when seeking to look at 40+ women.

Your best find would be a 40+ woman who is divorced and on her own that has one or more daughters living with her. I have been fortunate enough to see a few of these situations over the years, and that definitely works. One of my favorite instances was when I could see into both bedrooms (and entrances to their bathrooms) of a unit where a mother (probably about 40 or 42) lived with her teen daughter. I saw both of them stark naked in their respective bedrooms, mainly because neither closed the door since it was only the other one living there. Several times one or both would forget to close the curtains and, of course, not be aware that anyone was looking at them through binoculars.

You are correct that I had not gone into this in my book, and I apologize for that. I tend to focus on the babes in the 18 to 30 range. That is partially because that continues to be my preference, and partially because this is what guys have been telling me is their preference for many years.

I hope this helps. And, please, Everett, let me know how you do!

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