Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Know her parking space

Reed of OH writes:

“I enjoyed listening to part of your book. Sorry, but I don’t understand how things like you watching the parking space of a (babe) who lives next door helps me to see a naked babe. Why so many of your personal experiences? I thought your book was supposed to be educational.”

While I value my readers (the paying customers), I must say I’m disappointed in that question. There is plenty behind my sharing of actual and personal experiences during my quest to see body parts of as many attractive babes as I can. The purpose was not to encourage you to find parking spaces or to do that without reason. Stories I shared such as that are among the ways I found to be able to see hot babes naked.

That story is another example. The babe I wrote about had an assigned parking space, which I could see from my window, and I knew which one it was. This way, I had an idea that she might be home if her car was there at night and would know to grab my binoculars and check. But the specific story was about seeing her come home and park late at night, knowing that the curtains were open into her bedroom, and that I had a strong chance to see her come home and get out of her clothes. If I hadn’t seen her park there, I probably would not have known to be watching at the exact moment she undressed.

Without that knowledge, it could have been hours checking her empty apartment hoping to be watching when she got home, or not knowing when she arrived at home and missing such a golden opportunity.

The chapter about monitoring babes who are married or live with guys is important for very much the same reason. It is easy for guys, not knowing this, to think there is a guy there so they won’t see anything. Not always the case. That’s why I shared several stories about babes parading around with little or even nothing on to please their man, not realizing that at least one other guy was also seeing her at the time.

What I share is not speculation, or what “could” happen. It is exactly what happened to let me see the babes. In many cases, I made it happen by knowing when and where to be looking. That is often a key to success when spying from home or a safe place to do so.

Trust me on this. Knowing, for example, that a hottie works late on Thursday nights and doesn’t get home until 10:30 can be quite valuable when she comes home tired, forgets to close the blinds, and immediately pulls that work uniform off. Otherwise, you would either have been watching her place for hours with no results, or have missed out on the opportunity.

Same goes for babes in public. It should help you to know to be on high alert when at the bottom of a stairway or when a babe with low rise jeans is about to sit or squat down and you can get a view. I’m not speculating. I’m sharing my specific experience from learning how to do so.

If I might ask, I hope you will listen again to the key chapters keeping this in mind. The experiences I share are because they are part of the “how to”.

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