Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's gold in them thar hills.......

J. C. writes:

“You were so right about playing a hunch if you can. I have gone to (withheld) Beach several times over the years, and was aware that some of the (babes) change to and from bathing suits in a secluded location very near the entrance to the showers. For years I sat back and wished there was a way to see in there, since it is actually an outdoor location, but the wooden fence surrounding is about 8 feet tall.

After I listened to your book, I went to that beach with a small group of guys and girls a couple of Saturdays ago. While waiting outside of the girls’ shower area, I noticed that there is a nearby hill and appeared to be a path going up toward the top. I had not paid attention to that before. On my own, I went back the next day (a Sunday), and took an innocent walk up on that hill with my backpack in place. Sure enough, it was not busy at all, since everyone was at the beach part. I ducked down behind a couple of trees and realized that with my binoculars I could see into some of the open area just outside of the women’s showers. Sure enough, I saw one (babe) walking out topless and another who changed and went naked, even though I only saw her from behind and got a butt view. She was very hot looking!

Per your advice, I only stayed about 10 minutes, and got those 2 good looks. It appears to be park property and not heavily supervised. I looked around to be sure there were no cameras or surveillance where I was, and I didn’t see anything. I believe that I appeared to be a guy taking a short hike up the hill and back. I could see where it could be suspicious if I spent hours up there, so I know that’s not a good idea. (Tempting as it is.)

I need your expertise. I know you have done some outdoor spying, but I also know how you caution others. I would like to go back on the hot days and stay there for maybe 15 minutes or so and see what I can. What do you suggest?”

First, J.C., I used your initials and took out your location, which I don’t usually do. As incredible as it may seem, I’m pretty sure I have been to that area in the past. It’s true there are some hotties in that area due to nearby college campuses, so I understand the urgency for you. Like you, I especially love checking out the babes in the college age group.

It is difficult for me to suggest continuing to do this, however, since I don’t have enough of a grip on the situation. But I do think your approach of only a few minutes is a good one. It shows me you listened to the book and heeded the advice. I can see where it would be tempting to set up shop and spend hours in the trees waiting for hotties to come out of the shower and/or change clothes thinking there is total privacy.

Here is my “if it were me” answer, but do so at your own risk. I would go mid-to-late afternoon on a busy day, and appear to have just gone to the men’s room and to be waiting for others. My backpack would be on and I’d be ready to go. When I would see a couple of hotties heading into the shower area, I would then look at my watch and look aggravated, as if I am waiting for others. Then I would shrug my shoulders as if I’m going to leave, and start walking. This way, no one will think anything of your walking away by yourself. I would head up the hill to those trees within the next few minutes and then hope to see those babes when they come out of the shower. (You would have a better idea of how much time you need to get to your spot, so plan accordingly.) I agree that you should keep it to a few minutes, and as tough as it is to do so, only once a day maximum. You don’t want people to see you there all of the time doing the same thing.

Also, my suggestion is to keep this a secret. You may think it’s no big deal to invite a friend to come along, but it would be. Seeing two guys go off and come back like that might seem unusual and could arouse suspicion. Plus, if you were to be caught, you would not want anyone else to know that you really were doing this.

I would do things such as have a CD player in my backpack, and then carry a loose CD that I didn’t need and I would roll it in the dirt. I’m sure you are asking what this has to do with spying on babes. Plenty. When you do leave your viewing spot a few minutes later (and hopefully with success), I would be walking out toward the pathway holding my “dirty” CD and looking upset as if it rolled down the path and was ruined. It is this type of move that can remove suspicion. Hopefully if anyone questions you, they would not check and find that you have binoculars with you. Yet, they can’t prove where you used them.

This is also why you should not have or use a camera. As I have stated numerous times already, you must not have any evidence of what you saw.

Let me know if you go ahead with this, and how it turns out. I will not publish any location or personal details. Good find, by the way. Maybe I’ll see you there one of these days!

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