Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping Barry abreast........

Barry of NJ writes:

"I also loved your book and learned a lot. You are so right about guys missing opportunities by not paying attention. I saw some good stuff right away that I would have missed without your help.

Just curious, though. You mentioned that you like all (breast) sizes. I thought every guy liked big ones a lot better, and that when it comes to (boobs) size matters. Do you really feel that way? Or is it because you want to enjoy what you see every day?"

Not exactly a book related question, Barry, but I'll answer it anyway. I tried to stay away from my personal preferences as much as possible when writing the book. However, I felt it important to reveal that I enjoy boobs of all shapes and sizes for a couple of reasons.

First, I do know that not every guy prefers the biggest ones. Some guys I have talked with fear that many of the 'big ones' are not natural, and they prefer natural. The smaller-boobed babes are most likely natural.

For the purpose of my Total Creep book, I wasn't about to focus on only the large sizes. The idea is that guys can enjoy all shapes and sizes. If you prefer big boobs, but can see a small chested babe walking topless, my hunch is that you would not turn away!

Second, big boobs can be tough for seeing nipples in public. When babes are not wearing a bra (which, unfortunately is all too rare these days), it is the smaller boobs that are more easily seen all the way down. I have enjoyed many a big boobed babe leaning over, but because there is so much boobage it can be tough to see nipple. Whereas a small breasted babe can lean over not as far and nipple action is there for the viewing.

Finally, I must admit that I also prefered the bigger ones much more when in my teens, 20's, and into my 30's. In the last 20 years I have come to appreciate smaller and medium ones a lot more. These days, I continue to enjoy the variety.

In fact, since writing the book, I have noticed that there are some flat or small chested babes that are more willing to wear see-through and lower cut tops than they used to. It's as if they decided to "fight" the big boobed babes by calling attention to what little they have by being more willing to let guys know what the nipples look like. Just a theory, however.

My book was not written only for guys who like big ones. It's for all guys to enjoy whatever sized boobs they like the most, and whenever possible.

Good question!!

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