Thursday, July 16, 2009

You can be a total creep almost anywhere..........

The readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ continue to write with questions and comments. Tommy of Maryland writes:

“You make it obvious that you travel and you have your spots for the babes in various parts of the country. Why are you so hesitant to reveal them?”

There are several reasons that I didn’t in the book and why it is generally not a good idea to do that. (The only exceptions are a couple of nude beaches and regular beaches I specifically mention.) One reason is actually the babes themselves. If even one hot babe finds out that guys are going to “whatever” plaza to try and look down tops, up skirts, and the like, and then stops going, it takes away opportunities for us total creep guys. We don’t want that.

Besides, a prime idea in my creating the book is to help you guys to watch for and create opportunities in your every day existence. I don’t need to be traveling, as I am always thinking like a total creep.

Another reason I do not is for personal security. After all, I. C. London is not my real name, and I actually do not live full-time in Vegas like my profile states. I’m sure there are some women who would lynch me if they knew where I was. Many resent what I write about, even though they fail to understand how just about every straight guy would do these things if he knew how to do it better and more often like I do.

Mainly, I don’t need to list specific locations. You should be able to find your own. I go on about festivals, concerts, sports events, food courts, outdoor plazas, schools, and the like. It is also a factor in why I do this blog. The reader story posted a few weeks back about the guy who “just happened” to be in a self-serve laundry near a campus and saw a babe unloading the dryer with no panties on was probably the most rewarding e-mail I have received since I put out my book. He didn’t need to ask me for locations. He listened to the audio book and took my advice.

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