Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enjoying the young moms

Even with the changes in fashion trends and everything else going on in the world, it is nice to know that the young moms remain all so focused on their baby or toddler when out and about.

Yesterday I was walking down a block with some stores and office buildings. I noticed a toddler in a stroller about 20 feet ahead of me. Then I quickly noticed the hot young mom tending to him (or her - I never did look at the kid!). As so often happens, she was bending over to do whatever she was doing, and had no idea that her top was hanging down.

Even though she was wearing a bra, it was one of the low cut ones, so I was able to get a good look most of the way down on both boobs. While not as great as years earlier when some young moms, especially those that breast feed, would not wear a bra to have their breasts "free" and available for feeding use, I was getting a healthy glance of boobage for a few seconds, since I slowed my walking speed.

Just as I was coming up along side, she finished whatever she was doing on that side of the stroller and stood up. I wanted to get a look at her overall shape, so I turned and continued to watch her.

She immediately walked over to the other side of the stroller, so I didn't get as much of a glance as I would have liked. And there I was already past her. But then she somewhat made up for that. She was tending to the toddler from the other side of the stroller, and bent over again. Since I was on the other side of her, I was getting still more of a look down her top and as far as her low cut bra would allow.

This is where my years of experience kicked in. I could see that her only concern was the kid and that she was oblivious to her top hanging down. I rarely get to do this, but I could tell she was so focused on the kid that I simply stood there for about 5 seconds and continued that wonderful view. Normally I do not recommend that guys stop and blatantly stand there looking, but my years of experience at this sort of thing gave me the confidence to know I would get away with it. I did, however, turn around and walk away without looking back after about 5 to 10 seconds. If she had finished with the kid and looked up straight ahead, it might not have been the best thing for me. The second and long glance like I did is definitely a judgment call.

But having enjoyed many a young mom too focused on the kid to notice a top hanging down, or squatting down and exposing butt crack, I always love how they think of nothing else but the kid in those situations.

If only she didn't need that tiny bra...............

Any good young mommy stories? at - and I'll keep it private if you request.

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