Friday, July 10, 2009

A total creep is not a peeping tom..........

I guess this is the Total Creep version of point – counterpoint, but I got an interesting response to my previous answer. Readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” are always welcome to send questions and comments to me at at

Jimmy C. of FLA writes:

“I hope it is OK to disagree, but I wanted you to know that I disagree with Jay’s question about why you included so many stories in your excellent book. Your response was perfect about how you had reasons to include them. I thought this was especially true when you described the times you almost got into some trouble over what you do, and how you handled them. The story about standing on the sidewalk outside of that garden apartment and saw that topless babe is practically worth the price of the book right there. I don’t live near any tall apartment or condo buildings and your story showed me exactly what to do!”

First, Jimmy, this is America and of course it is OK to disagree. I’m not sure I needed to be defended, but thanks for that as well. However, I was not able to include the rest of what you wrote, although I will address that.

I completely understand how that story can make me appear to be just like a peeping tom. My intent with that story is to show exactly how I could have talked my way out of that situation if authorities had nabbed me. To briefly recap, I was able to see into a babe’s garden apartment bedroom from the sidewalk walking through the complex, and she realized that I probably saw her topless. Yes, I stopped and watched for about 20 seconds. Yet, in the book I detail exactly what I did before and after those few precious seconds of enjoying the view and how nothing further ever came of it, including presenting how I would have handled other scenarios which could have arisen from that.

However, Jimmy, your story (which I took out for this blog) most likely was a peeping tom situation. Unless you left out some important details, such as your “reason” for being there, I’m afraid you could have gotten into trouble and were fortunate to have not been discovered. That babe, someone who knows or even lives with her, or someone working for the building she lives in could have found footprints. She could also find one of the plants by her patio moved slightly or some other indication that someone was out there looking in. While I am glad you saw what you saw, I would advise you not to go back there to see the rest, and to stay away from that complex for a while in case someone saw you and gave a description. There is a huge difference between walking from someone’s apartment (which could be proven) and happening by a neighbor babe who happened to be topless vs. your practically walking onto a chick’s patio for an extended glance up a nightgown. From what you shared with me, I don’t think you could have explained your way out of that one.

Believe it or not, I actually had a related experience (if you want to call it that) on a visit to California a couple years back. I was walking down a side street and came upon a woman standing outside of her condo telling 2 police officers how she saw the man they were holding in the police car at the curb climbing a tree behind her bedroom window just as she was coming in from the shower. (That was another of reasons I created my book – so guys don’t have to face that.) Again, what you described sounded just as blatant. There are times when it is truly not worth the legal risk of seeing what you got to see, no matter how much you enjoyed it.

Boy, ‘Dear Abbey’ sure wouldn’t have answered this way!

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