Thursday, December 2, 2010

Panties aren't always bad

The readers/listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide" continue to write:

Jerry B of AZ writes:

"Now I understand why you wrote about looking up skirts and shorts even when you know she has panties on. This morning I was cutting through (name withheld) Park and saw a babe laying on her back with her legs up wearing loose fitting shorts. I changed my path and walked around her to try and get a glance down between her legs, just as you suggest. She probably had no idea anyone could see down. Her panties were not covering everything, and she has a hairy bush. On one side I could see some of her (bush) hair! I stopped to enjoy the view, which then distracted her. I said something like "Sorry, but that's a good book!", and she smiled and I walked away. It proved beyond a doubt that the advice in your book is spot on. I only wish I lived near apartment buildings and could spy on the neighbor chicks too. Thanks!"

Looks like you have become a 'professional' total creep. Based on your e-mail, you handled the situation very well. Noticing her legs being up and her loose fitting shorts was a significant observation at the start.

Stopping when you realized you could see her pubes was not the best move, but I'll admit I can understand you doing so. I probably would have done the same thing. The key thing is to not show a facial reaction. That you had your comeback line about the book she was reading was excellent. It shows me that you were ready to handle the situation, as opposed to saying something stupid or letting on that you were seeing the goods.

Especially when she assumes that the worst that could happen is that you would see some of her panties.

I have wondered if that babe (and others I have seen in that situation) come to realize what happened when they either go to the bathroom or get undressed shortly thereafter and realize that their panties were not covering everything. But by then, you (or me) are long gone.

Again, nice work!

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