Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another guy ruins it for the rest of us..........

Hopefully this guy will be caught ASAP:


The guy has been spying on babes near a campus in South Carolina, but his actions are much worse. It seems he has been breaking in to apartments while babes are sleeping, but not for the purpose of burglary. (And not that burglary would be a positive thing either!)

The above news story link has a photo from a surveillance video of the dude walking into an apartment building near a campus while not wearing any pants. (Makes me wonder how this dude hasn't been caught yet, but that's another story.)

It's one thing to be a typical total creep or dirty old man and want to see naked babes, even when they are in private, but the threat of physical harm to these babes and breaking and entering is another matter.

The areas surrounding college campuses and apartment buildings where college babes rent can be great places for us total creeps to check out the babes. But I'm talking being in the right place at the right time, such as in a public or common area when she squats down, is sitting where you can walk by and see down her top or back of her pants, up a skirt, etc.

While it is true I have watched some babes sleep over the years, it has never been (and will never be) with any intent to have them know about it. It has been through binoculars from a nearby building where I can't be seen spying on them. Ideally, they will not have the blankets or sheets covering everything. I have been fortunate enough to see some babes sleeping with boobs facing out or a nightie without panties and I get a nice view for a long time. Other times I have been watching in the morning for her to wake up and come out from under the covers with little or nothing on, or perhaps give a nice leg spread getting out of bed and having nothing on under the shirt or nightie.

There is no reason for guys like the one in the story to ruin it for other guys, and to cause such havoc among the babes living in or near a campus.

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