Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Naked 9 go to trial

A note of support for the "Naked 9" before their court hearing scheduled for this Friday at 11 AM CT in Madison WI.

This hearing is a result of arrests made during the Madison version of the "World Naked Bike Ride" this past June. I was fortunate to be in northern Wisconsin on business that week and drove down to check this one out. This was the first of these naked bike rides ever in Madison. From having attended a couple of others in different cities, and knowing of the strong college presence in the area, I was glad to be able to check this event out. (I had posted about it here back in June.)

What made this unique is that this ride was held during the daytime hours, late morning in fact. The other events (held in a variety of cities - search for their national site) are held at night, often after 9 PM. While the night ones are worth checking out, they tend to draw many more males than females, and because of the darkness it is harder to see the exposed body parts at times.

The Madison ride was outstanding. Even though there were hundreds fewer participants compared with the other events I have been to and read about (well, seen photos of!), there was a better percentage of babes participating. Of those babes who rode, more of them were either topless or totally naked on a percentage basis than other cities. And many of the ones I got to see were either college age or appeared to be under the age of 30, which is better yet.

The fact that it was a warm sunny day and they were riding in broad daylight on some narrower paths made checking them out as easy as any of these naked bike rides anywhere. (Some of the others in larger cities can get a bit frustrating when a hot babe is naked but riding past all the way on the other side of the street and with guys partially blocking the view.) In Madison, they were often single or double file, and I was able to get a couple of close up vantage points early in the ride.

Fortunately, I checked them out early on. Because they rode in broad daylight, and on a Saturday with part of the ride going into a business district, there were some complaints, especially parents out with kids. I can understand this. I wish they would have had the ride go through the school campus or something and not risked those complaints. And, maybe inspired a few more female students to join the parade. (!!!!)

However, those complaints led to 9 arrests, a combination of guys and babes. This Friday morning is their court hearing in Madison at which those who were cited for public nudity will try to escape the fines in the lines of this being a protest. (Oh ya, the World Naked Bike Ride is to protest oil prices or something like that.)

If any of you can make it, it might be nice to show some support for them (even if you can't show anything else!).

The hearing is at the Madison Municipal Court at 210 Martin Luther King Drive on the 2nd floor at 11:00 Friday morning local time.

The group has scheduled its next naked bike ride for next June in hopes of getting rid of police complaints by then.

We wish them good luck and happy results on Friday, and more importantly, to clear the way so that more babes can ride naked in Madison next June.

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I.C. London said...

Just to make sure everyone is aware - moments after posting this came word that the trial has been postponed, and will NOT be on Nov. 5th.