Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Total Creep in control of the situation

Cliff C. of PA writes:

“I’m not sure I fully believe that you maintain your control every time and have not approached or let the (babe) know what you saw. I would love to know, if you really do, how you do that. Yesterday afternoon I was blessed to be walking past a hot young mom who was tending to her toddler in a stroller. Taking your expert advice, I timed walking by just as she was leaning very forward, and as luck had it there was no bra, and I saw nipples. I must admit I was so pleased that I said “Nice view” after I passed by. She looked up and said “damn you” or something to that effect. I kept on walking and nothing further came of it. She wasn’t about to leave her kid. I am sorry I did that, and know it was wrong to tell her, but I couldn’t help it. How do you really do that?”

Well, Cliff, it’s probably to your surprise, but I will address this matter. Sure, there are times it is very tempting to get out of control over some totally hot babe letting it show. Nice job following my advice, until you got your great view and then spoiled the moment. You (and others) need to stay in control and act like you didn’t see a thing, no matter how challenging. Your action yesterday will ruin it for other guys. There are so few babes, compared with years past, who still go out braless. I would bet you any amount that the one you did this to will never leave home without a bra on again. We can’t afford to “lose” any more.

You need to maintain your composure during and after seeing something like you did, in this case some great boobage. Had you kept quiet like you should have, this babe would be out there again today without a bra and no clue that guys can see all she has when she cares for the kid. That is what inspires me. It’s not only keeping from being nabbed, busted, or arrested (or even beaten if her significant other is near), it is keeping more opportunities open. I am as obsessed as any other guy with seeing as many babes as I possibly can naked or as close to it as possible, even the same ones over and over if possible. If they were to find out from me, I would not only fear trouble from authorities, but it would reduce the field of possibilities. Those are both serious enough to keep me quiet. It takes training, but unless you don’t care to continue checking out the babes (and I can’t imagine that), you need to work at it.

Maintaining composure also applies even when the babe does know. You might go back to my book or audio book (“ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “) and re-read the chapter “They Know I Saw”. It describes several true incidents, including one where the babe and her guy both knew I saw a full boob “by accident”. I maintained a straight face, leaving them a bit uncertain. Any babe would expect a guy who “really” saw her boob in public to be smiling, thanking her, or whatever. You can’t do that.

I will admit there have been times over the years I have been very tempted and have come close to making a mistake. I truly do understand the temptation, and even your reaction yesterday. These times are not covered in my book (at least my first one). Fortunately, I was able to talk myself out of it in time. One such “near incident” was several years ago in a Midwest city. I was getting ready to leave the apartment I was renting at the time, but noticed the light was on, and drapes open, in the apartment of a babe I would check out who lived across the street from me. I grabbed the binoculars and there she was carrying clothes while walking in to the room. She put them down on the chair, and it turned out she was stark naked. She then picked up her jeans and pulled them up, following that by putting on just a top. Next, she went and put on her jacket, grabbed her purse, and headed out toward the front door.

The jeans were dark blue, and the top she put on was not open or low cut, and not even see-through. However, this meant that she was going out with absolutely NO underwear on whatsoever. That is my “weakness” when it comes to checking out the babes. To me there is nothing that excites me as much as a babe out in public with no underwear on.

Since I was also about to leave, and knew her parking space, I actually did grab my keys and went downstairs, feeling totally excited about what I just saw and what I knew. I got out the door and actually took a few steps toward her parking space, thinking I would say something like “Oh wow, no underwear!!” to her. Fortunately, the voice of reason in my head told me, “If I do this, I would lose the opportunity to see her naked again, and she could tell her neighbors and even people in my building. I can’t let that happen.” Had I done so, she would have known that I was spying on her. Her clothes were not revealing, and her having a jacket on would have prevented me from seeing bouncing boobies.

Along with that, I will admit that I once got away with a true peeping tom incident (over 30 years ago), convincing myself right afterward that it would be a one-time thing and not worth risking spying and everything else I do in pursuit of seeing babes naked. Even with my anxiety that night, I was extremely careful about not leaving a trace. There was a babe living alone in a first floor apartment that I could not see into from where I was living at the time. One night after dark I (really was) walking back from a local errand, and noticed from the sidewalk that her bathroom light was on, and that her bedroom blinds were open slightly and pointed down. Even though there was a lawn, there was a concrete slab behind the bushes under her window.

I looked around and there was no one else walking on either side of the street, and no cars coming. Just as I was up near the bushes, I saw her bathroom light go dark. I was on that concrete slab, boosted up on her window ledge, and was hanging high enough to see into the bottom part of the blinds. Success – she was sitting on her bed with panties on but topless and was toweling off her hair. I enjoyed the boobs view for maybe 10 seconds, then lowered myself to the ground and snuck away, making sure there were no footprints, and that there was still no one around. (If someone was nearby I could have stayed behind the bushes until they passed.)

That was more than 30 years ago, and I never did that again, no matter how tempting it gets. I think of it as “quantity vs. quality”. No matter how hot a babe is, it isn’t worth giving up seeing hundreds more babes naked for one moment.

So to address your question, yes, I have been tempted. And I have done wrong. But I’m still doing what I do, and by the methods that I know will work safely if done properly. Please keep this in mind on your walk today, OK?

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