Friday, October 8, 2010

Is it an invasion of privacy or not?

It’s either invasion of privacy or it isn’t. And I find myself on both sides of the discussion, even though I just realized it. Since I started blogging and responding to questions regarding my “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide” book, I have, understandably, heard from some women who would prefer that I am never heard from again. I get it. Women do not appreciate that I openly detail my having spied on babes at home during private moments with binoculars from numerous places I lived and stayed at over the years. Kind of a long distance peeping tom, according to some.

My “argument” to the women who complain is that, while not the most moral of conduct, I am not putting any of the babes I check out at risk in any way. I don’t stand by a window, set foot on their private property, or try to be seen, like some creeps do and are justifiably arrested for. The babes I see don’t know that I saw what I saw. It’s not my fault that they didn’t close the blinds or curtains and I could watch a babe undress, take a shower, or walk around with little or nothing on in private. They don’t know they were being seen, and in my opinion, that means no harm done, even though it could technically be considered an invasion of privacy.

Yet, more than ever, my own privacy gets invaded practically every day. I’m getting really tired of being asked for my personal phone number, e-mail address, zip code, and other such information in order to make a simple consumer purchase. It’s the book store, the shoe store, the department store, the haircut place, and the list goes on.

If I were a betting man I’d bet you that many of the same women who dislike my very being for “invasion of privacy” by spying on babes in private moments are some of the ones who have no problem asking customers for personal information as a routine part of their jobs, and feel no guilt or shame.

Add to all of this the information age we are in, and the technology that goes with it. How can babes be concerned about a guy watching them walk topless in a private moment without knowing it when they are also subjected to revealing personal information on a daily basis?

What made me realize this? Last night I had another wonderful opportunity to watch a cute babe (who appears to be a local college student based on her young look and the shirts and sweaters she wears) sitting at her table using her laptop. Based on her changing facial expressions and how she appeared to be typing something every few seconds, I’m guessing she was either on Facebook or IM’ing her significant other. It didn’t matter to me what she was doing, actually. She put her leg up on the chair to relax, and was wearing a short night shirt with NO panties. I think she was communicating with her sig other because she was touching herself you-know-where every once in a while.

During this time, she had no idea that a man (me) was able to get the full view of her natural state. I was also in the privacy of my home, and in no way a physical threat to her, was not trespassing, and not distracting anyone else from doing anything. I don’t care what she was doing on the computer or who she was communicating with. Yet, chances are she was on that computer sharing her private details and information with the outside world.

Heck, she might have spent her time at work earlier in the day capturing personal information which should remain private from customers.

By the way, I may be a total creep, but I am an honest one. Over the years, I have been able to note whether or not a babe is at home (car parked or not), seen where valuables are placed, and tracked schedules to know when “she” would be most likely to come home. There was one incident where a babe’s front door to her apartment came open and she didn’t know it, and then she proceeded to take a shower. (I could have burglarized the place, but didn’t – so I wouldn’t miss her coming out of the shower.) I possibly could have witnessed a robbery, and then had the dilemma of admitting I was spying OR keeping quiet about it. Therefore, I won’t even use the “private” information I gather via my binoculars.

So, I ask you. Who is really invading whose privacy?

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