Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caught in the act

Being a total creep is one thing, but maintaining control is another. Here is a news story about a guy who got nailed for trying to check out a babe while she showered in a dorm room:


I'll bet the guy didn't know that she is the daughter of a police officer. But her seeing enough of the guy's clothes to be able to track him down is definitely the fault of the guy. The news story doesn't say whether or not he saw her naked, nor does it indicate if this was a "women only" floor or portion of the dorm. There are instances where women's bathrooms and showers are in or near areas where guys could have access. In that event, guys should be able to make a nice sighting appear to be accidental.

There are usually other opportunities to see at least partial nudity on campus without having to take the risks this guy in the story did.

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