Sunday, November 29, 2009

A wise shopper

There is one positive to the crowded department stores on the busiest weekend of the year. Always a nice share of hot babes out and about.

I was checking out one babe on Saturday, probably around 30, who was clothes shopping with her husband. (I'm guessing husband since she was wearing a ring but it doesn't matter.) In this particular store I couldn't see to her fitting room, however, but I had a good vantage point to enjoy the scenery, and figured I'd wait and see how she would look in the low cut top she was trying on.

Sure enough, a couple minutes later she came out and was looking good, even though she had buttoned up the top she tried on. Couldn't even see any bra. I was about to move on, when she looked at her husband who was seated on the bench in front of the clothing rack I appeared to be looking at. She said something like "I like this, but my butt crack would show". Obviously, that caught my attention. She then proceeded to turn around and sit down with her back to her husband and reach back with one hand.

I'm pleased to report that she was right! She sat down to reveal a couple inches of butt crack and felt it showing. She obviously thought only her husband saw and that they were the only ones that knew. She had no idea that I was about 3 feet behind the hubby and I had just as good of a view as he did!

Granted, it was only a couple inches, but it was the timing that made this fun. Plus, I figure that if she was this concerned about butt crack showing that she probably is not one who walks around in public and lets her body show like so many babes do and bless us guys. This may have been a rare chance to see any of her goods, yet she made it so easy.

That was a break, since I had hoped to see some of what she had on top. It would have been worth waiting for. The break was her making that comment about butt crack just as I was about to give up on her and seek out another hottie to watch.

Moments later, it was on to walking past the cosmetics counters. I got the timing right on one of the employee babes wearing a loose top, and caught a glance as she was leaning over to get a bag for a customer. This one was wearing one of those wonderful skimpy bras that cover the nipples but very little else. This was basically the glance I was anticipating from the one that showed the butt crack. The babe at the counter wasn't quite as hot looking overall, but I think was better endowed by one cup size, so that helped.

So guys, the women are right about this weekend. It's a good time to browse the department stores.

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