Thursday, November 5, 2009

Babes from the balcony.......

Jerry C. of AZ writes:

“I loved listening to your book. I thought I was the only one who thought of spying on the babes with binoculars but I guess not. Your suggestions are amazing. You really did your homework. You did mention about spying from your balcony on some occasions. Isn’t that way too risky of being seen? There are a couple of college girls sharing a place down one level across the courtway from my condo. I can just barely see in there from my kitchen, but if I’m out on my balcony I can see into their living room and down the hallway toward the bathroom and bedrooms. Sometimes the blinds are open at night. I’m waiting on your answer before trying anything. Please help!”

Thanks, Jerry. I knew I wasn’t the only one and that’s part of what inspired me to share this information for guys like you that I knew are out there. Getting to your important question, the answer actually depends on a few variables. The examples I give in the book were from when my balcony was close enough to the nearby apartments that I could see in without using binoculars. That’s the best way. If are close enough to be able to do that, you can have your alibi in place. For example, you could have your phone in your pocket and, if “discovered” show how you had left your phone on the balcony earlier in the day and finally found it. You mentioned in your e-mail to me (which was edited down) that you are over 40 years old. Your alibi, if discovered, is going to be more believable than one from a teen guy or a guy in college.

You will also recall my experience with knowing to appear to be facing in a different direction. I was able to fool a neighbor babe who I watched come out of the shower and saw me standing outside into thinking I was looking somewhere else when I didn’t react to her. As the book describes, there are several ways to pull this off with success, and without binocs.

Without knowing the specifics of where you live, here are factors to consider. How much or how little light is there on your balcony after dark? If you can turn your balcony light off, there is your answer. If you cannot, it could be a problem. Are there neighbors on either side of you, as well as up above, who could easily see you on there at night? You can’t risk it if the nosy old lady next door could be washing the dishes and see you kneeling down with binoculars looking across the way.

If you can keep it dark enough, and have little to no fear of being noticed by neighbors, my suggestion is to wear dark clothing and maybe a cap, and go for it. If you can kneel down so that only your head appears over the railing or top of your balcony wall or fence and you can see in to their unit, you should be OK. You don’t want others to see you standing up if at all possible. Once I was able to use a plastic stool to rest a knee so I would be more comfortable when doing just that, since others could not see the stool on my balcony.

In the event there is too much light and/or others could see you, there is one other possibility. Go for odd hours. If these are college babes (or in that age range) chances are they will be out late on the weekends and during vacation time. Check your balcony during evening hours on a Friday or Saturday night. A quick glance into their place (if the blinds are open) will tell you whether or not they are home. Over the course of days or weeks, you should have no problem learning if or what lights they leave on when they go out. Also, scout your neighbors who can see you and try to get an idea when they go “lights out”. After you gather your information you would be in the situation to deal with this. Let’s say your neighbors go “lights out” by 11:00 on a Saturday night, and you can tell the babes across the way are both out for the evening. What you can do is to watch every few seconds from your kitchen (or whatever room) and see when their living room or hallway light goes on. I have even done this on many occasions while watching TV, reading, or online while waiting for a hottie to get home at night.

Sometimes roommates go out together, but not always. You might luck out and see one come home earlier and be all alone. Which means she doesn’t need to cover up when walking around to unwind from her night out. You might need to stay up later than you would care to, but it’s a way to see them naked. Once when I was faced with this situation, I lucked into seeing a babe come home more than once between 1:30 and 2 AM and saw her strip down completely both times. No way she would suspect anyone looking in at that hour. Little did she know that I couldn’t risk spying on her very often before midnight because of my neighbors at the time.

Also, you didn’t say if they live in the same complex as you or not. Either way, maybe you can find out where they park (if there are assigned spaces) and then you can check to see whether or not they are home. No one is going to question you walking through your parking lot, or if you can see it from a window no one will know you are checking. That’s still another way.

Let me know how this goes for you. Good luck!

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