Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A close shave for a Total Creep

The readers and listeners to Total Creep - A Guy's Guide continue to write:

Jerry of VA writes:

"Your techniques are amazing to me. I found a cute 20 something across the street and can sometimes see into her bedroom and part of the bathroom with binoculars. She is also on an upper floor and isn't that concerned about the blinds. I saw where some other guy asked you about watching ladies in very private moments. I have now watched this lady shave her (vagina) area twice. She puts on quite a display. One of the times after she finished she stood in front of the mirror to check how she shaved and then wash off a bit. As much as I enjoy that, I admit that I feel a bit guilty for watching such a private thing. How do you feel about it?"

Interesting question, Jerry. Also, I edited down your lengthy note since I wouldn't want to publish the specifics you gave about your building and the angles you have to the units across the street.

I'll directly answer your question by saying it is very wrong of us to watch when a babe is shaving herself there. But it's also wrong to be watching them at all in the privacy of the home. It just doesn't stop a lot of us guys from doing so anyway.

The only times I have looked away while spying on a babe were the couple of times I could see them actually on the toilet. I have looked away, glancing back every few seconds to be ready for when she stands up. Once she stands, I consider her fair game, and there is the moment in time when she is pulling up her panties, pajama bottoms, or shorts when I get to see her bottom.

As I think about it, the few times I have seen actually shaving down there have all been within the past 10 to 12 years. The first time I could see it I didn't realize what she was doing for a couple minutes. I have seen one that shaved very much like you described to me in more detail. She was leaning against the top of the sink and made it easy for me to see. The other babes I have seen do this usually sit, whether on a vanity chair, the toilet top, or on the edge of the bathtub.

There was one night I finally got to see a babe go naked for the first time after a few weeks, and then she sat on the edge of the tub to shave, but had her legs inside the tub. I suppose it was so she could wash the hairs down the drain, but I mostly saw her butt from behind the entire time. Luckily she was facing in my direction to towel herself off when she finished.

Actually, this is not something that I addressed in my book. I should have, especially since so many more babes shave there these days compared with decades gone by. (We're talking totally shaved or a landing strip, as opposed to a quick grooming.)

If you get to see this, and she is facing the other way, enjoy her butt. Chances are as soon as she is finished she will turn around. It may be to towel off, such as the example I just gave, or it could be to reach for something to put on.

However, I think there are some babes that shave there while in the shower, so there is no chance for us to see. If you are able to see into the bathroom and notice that maybe once every week to 10 days they take a longer than usual shower, it may be due to using that time to shave.

Another thing I find interesting about this is that a couple of the babes I have watched shave actually were wearing something on top. One I remember from a couple years ago would always wear a button down robe, and would unbutton from the bottom up, but keep it buttoned to below her boobs while having the bottom part wide open. Another would go bottomless and keep her t-shirt or tank top on while she shaved and then put her panties on for the rest of the night. In both instances, both had smaller boobs.

If any of you guys have seen a babe shaving and have had an experience different from the instances mentioned here, please let me know and we will discuss it.

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