Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bottoms up in Palm Beach

Steve of SC writes:

"I enjoyed your story about your experience at that bar in Baltimore a few days back. It's always great when something like that happens in a bar or club.

But it is just as much fun if the (babe) is showing herself on purpose. I just got back from spending a few days in Palm Beach Florida. The other night I was in a bar (near the Breakers) after midnight. A cute babe came in by herself and seemed to know several of the people there. She had a couple of drinks and then started dancing, not paying a whole lot of attention to her jeans slipping down over her thong.

After another drink, a couple of the guys cheered for her, and then she got up, stood up on a chair, and pulled her jeans down below her rear end. She then pulled her thong down about half way in the back. Unfortunately, she stopped short of going the entire way down, but it was still a good view for all the guys as it was. Then she turned around and pulled the front of her panties down slightly, but not enough to see any (of the vagina).

Next, she pulled up her thong, pulled up her jeans, and lifted her top. She was wearing a very low cut bra. She pulled the bra out, but since she was on a chair none of us could see nipple. She stopped there, and let her t-shirt fall back over her bra. Then she sat back down.

That was quite a show for a bar. It was not a strip club by any means. After a few more minutes it became evident she wasn't going to do anymore. I went over and asked one of the guys at the bar if they had ever seen anything like that. The guy told me "She's in here all the time and always does that." He told me that he has heard she also does that at another bar nearby.

Why not go to bars and clubs to see naked chicks?"

Cool story, Steve. Sounds like you had a fun time in Palm Beach! And here I thought it was older women that frequented that area.

Anyway, while you and I have both enjoyed incidents with babes in a bar of late, it does not compare to what you can see if you are fortunate enough to be able to spy on babes from home or a safe location with binoculars. Seeing a flashing or an accident in a bar, as we recently have, is limited opportunity. While it is true you might have to wait a couple hours to see a babe at home, you might get a longer look as she comes out of the shower and towels off, changes clothes, or even walks around topless, bottomless, or completely naked.

That doesn't even count the number of times I have seen roommates or babes that have friends or relatives staying with them and you see multiple babes naked over the course of an evening or weekend.

In addition, seeing what we both saw in bars or clubs is a stroke of luck. Still enjoyable, but I'll take spying on countless hundreds of babes over the years any time vs. going to bars or clubs specifically to see nudity. And that includes butt crack from babes seated wearing low rise jeans.

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