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Choose your elevator ride carefully

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Bob T. of Indiana writes:

“I loved listening to your book and agree that your announcer did a tremendous job. Unfortunately I don’t live near the tall apartment buildings you wrote about, but I am using your techniques at festivals and sports events. One question I have is why you comment about riding on elevators with babes. That was the only part I didn’t quite get.”

Thanks for the kind words, Bob. But on to elevators. They are not exactly feasts for guys like us, but the concept is that riding up or down a few floors can be made a bit more pleasant. I suppose I might have made this part of the book too brief since it is not a major part of checking out the babes. So I will elaborate for you………..

This really applies to elevators in professional and office buildings, colleges/universities, and multi-story shopping malls (such as a couple of 7 story malls in New York, Chicago, etc.).

My best example comes from the years I worked in an upper office of a 30+ story office building. I would watch for one or more babes waiting on an elevator when possible and try to check out what she or they are wearing. I would appear the perfect gentleman by letting her get on first.

This was really to give me the opportunity to position myself depending upon her outfit. For example, if she had a button down blouse with openings, I would then enter and stand next to her on the side of her facing inside her blouse buttons in hopes of seeing in where her boobage meets her bra. If she is wearing a loose fitting and/or low cut top, I would stand slightly behind her so that I could look over her shoulder or down one side of the V-neck. On rare occasion, she might have low rise jeans or a low hanging skirt on and I could stand behind and look for butt crack or a thong.

When there is more than one babe entering the elevator, I do my best to choose the best possibility. One babe is bound to have more skin showing or be wearing something a bit more revealing than the others. Sometimes I judge by best looking but most of the time I try to enter the elevator positioned to check the one with the most revealing outfit.

During those days, I happened to work on one of the upper floors of the building. This would come in handy because most of the time the babes would be exiting the elevator going up before me, and I would remember which floors in the building tended to have the hottest babes. There were many times when I would be the last person standing after the last babe would exit on a lower floor. This gives the advantage of easily being able to stare her down for panty lines and/or to enjoy a nice butt until the elevator doors close again, since no one can see where I am looking. It is also handy information for the way down. If (for example) I see the elevator stopping on the 17th floor, I might then be standing closer to the door to be able to move back and position myself to see down a top or jeans for the rest of the ride back down.

While a lot obviously depends upon your situation, it can help to make mental notes. If and when you find a babe in the building who shows a lot of skin, it could help to have an idea of when she comes and goes. Babes won’t question guys like us riding an elevator to work or on business.

You might catch a break. A couple of times I have witnessed what appears to be a babe going for an interview or important presentation. She has openly reached inside her blouse to adjust a bra strap and either not realized or not cared that I could see all the way down the bra while she did that.

I did not put this in my book, but I do have an example of how paying attention while riding the elevator can lead to better. A few years ago I had regular business on a college campus. A couple of times I noticed a major hottie who would usually wear low cut and open collars with a skimpy bra underneath in order to show a ton of cleavage. Twice around the same time each morning I saw her on the elevator and the 2nd time I followed her to a nearby plaza where she would sit and have her lunch with a couple of friends. When she would sit and lean forward to eat, guys could get a wonderful look down her top.

Over the few weeks I had the opportunity to be there, I would wait by the far end of the bank of elevators on the first floor starting a couple of minutes before she would usually arrive. Let’s say she would come down about 11:45, so I would make it a point to be at the far end as if waiting for an elevator by 11:42. When I would see her come out, I would appear to have just gotten off a different elevator behind her and to be walking her direction toward the food court. She wouldn’t think anything of it, since if she noticed me earlier it would have been riding down on the same elevator as her, so she would think I really did have reason to be nearby. (And I’m not a good looking guy, so who is to say she would have even noticed me anyway.) This method gave me the opportunity to walk right past her and get a healthy glance down her top both on my way to and from the food court.

I realize that this situation doesn’t come up often, but the more I present the more possibilities there are for us guys. The situation with the hottie having lunch came about because of my paying attention on an elevator. Admittedly, I have never seen nipple or anything major on an elevator ride, even though I have seen hundreds of peeks at bra and panties. My feeling is that I would rather look at that than watching the numbers of the floors go by! Hope this helps, Bob.

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