Monday, June 22, 2009

Missed it by a hair..............

As much as I enjoy long hair on a babe, there are those rare occasions when it becomes a disadvantage for a total creep. Like today during my lunch hour. There I was walking through an outdoor plaza on a hot summer day when I spotted a hottie sitting at a table and leaning forward to take a bite of lunch. Her top was very loose and from a few feet away walking toward her I was pretty sure I would see all the way down past whatever she had on (or didn’t have on) underneath.

However (and this is one of the few times I use long hair and “however” in the same sentence), her long hair was also leaning forward with her. Worse yet, it was thick long hair. I got along side and I couldn’t see a thing. Even a minute later when I just happened to be walking back past her from behind on the other side of her. And a minute later when I walked back by her again just as she leaned forward. Couldn’t see a thing.

My best consolation is that when I turned to look from behind I saw the outline of her bra across her back, so at least I wasn’t shut out of a total boob view. Of course, I don’t know if it was a low cut or loose fitting bra which could have yielded a lot of boob had I been able to see down. At least I would have had the best possible angle and my timing was good, but there are some things that can’t be helped.

This was not my only bad break in the past few days. (I have received a couple of e-mails from readers and listeners of “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ asking me to blog about my “failures” and how I deal with them, and thought it was a good idea.) On Friday at lunch, I was walking through a different plaza and from behind noticed a babe sitting at the top of a stairway wearing what looked to be a somewhat loose top. It was tucked in to her pants very well, so not even an opportunity to see butt crack, so I knew my only opportunity would be over the shoulder down her top when I passed by.

Unfortunately, she was defending a total creep even while sitting on a stairway. Not only was the butt protected (even from panties showing), but just before I was to walk past her she put her hand up and clutched her top tightly. She either heard or felt (sitting on the ground atop the stairway) someone coming near. I don’t think she could have known if it were a guy or a woman, but she had the instinct to cover up. So I didn’t get to see a thing. As tempted as I was to turn back and ask her if her man had read my book and given her tips about this, I kept walking.

For the thousands of tops I have seen into and down, along with seeing up and down skirts, jeans, and shorts, even an expert like me is not always successful. It is like the long-time baseball analogy that even a .300 hitter (among the best) does not get a hit 7 out of 10 times. Same for the daily attempts of a total creep like me.

As I have said countless times, the hundreds of times that all I see is “nothing”, bra, or panties are made worthwhile those instances when I see significant flesh while walking out and about. Same with spying on babes with binoculars. The hours spent some nights waiting for clothes to come off that I don’t get to see or seeing a guy naked but not his wife become secondary when compared to the hours of watching babes come out of the shower, walking around exposed, and all of the rest.

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