Friday, June 5, 2009

Even a total creep makes a mistake.........

Greg C. of Ohio writes:

“I enjoyed listening to your book 100% of the time. And I like your blog, especially when you comment about what you consider to be mistakes. I am learning just as much from those. While I don’t want to make mistakes while checking out the babes, especially after sharing with us guys, would you tell us if you do?”

Funny you should ask, Greg. Just today during my lunch hour stroll through an outdoor plaza I made what I consider to be an error in judgment. So I will start to present “mistakes” I make to readers and listeners of “Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide”.

I was walking through an outdoor eating area again today, and noticed a babe with a slightly open top who was about to lean forward to take another bite from her sandwich. I also glanced down and it appeared that her top was short enough to allow possible butt crack from behind.

As I know to do, I slowed my walk and managed to time it to be walking “above” her as she learning forward. I got a glance at her bra, but it turned out to be a bra that covered her left breast tightly. But for some reason, I continued to look down her top, and that was my mistake.

Had she been wearing a small or loose fitting bra, or not been wearing one at all, there would have been every reason to continue looking down her top for as long as possible without making it that obvious. But that was far from the case. I don’t need to see bra without actual breast being visible, even when I can’t see all the way down.

As a result of the extra couple of seconds looking down her top at her bra, I was already a step or two beyond her when I turned back around and realized that I would have had a view down her lower back and possible butt crack. But by that instant, all I could see was the loose fit of her jeans and skin. Now not low enough to see any butt crack or panties, but I could tell that had I been closer, and looked there when I should have, I would have seen butt crack if it was there for the taking.

I’m not sure why I missed the opportunity, especially when I always tend to practice what I preach. But, of course, there was no time to deliberate at that moment. I had a couple more babes to check out before the end of the row, although I didn’t score anything worthwhile checking either of them out.

A minute or so later, I got to end of the plaza and went to the street corner just beyond. As usual, I stood there, looked at my watch, then looked around as if I’m looking for someone, and shrugged my shoulders. Then I turned to walk “back”, taking the same path from the other angle.

Looking ahead, I noticed that same babe was still seated, but now was sitting up further than when I walked by and blew it the first time. So I knew that I would not be able to get as good of a look down the back of her jeans as the chance I missed.

There is somewhat of a happy ending to my “mistake”. It turned out that I got enough of a glance down her jeans to see the top of her panties (not a thong) and no evidence of butt crack. Thus, had I gone by her the right way moments earlier, all I would have gotten was bra and panties and nothing else. All in a day’s work.

When I returned to work, I knew I needed to analyze what happened that caused my error that kept me looking at her full bra. Within moments, I realized what happened. A couple minutes earlier, I saw a hot babe seated with her jeans hanging down so low that some butt crack was showing even several feet back. I didn’t even need to get close up and look straight down to see it (even though I did anyway!). It looks like I got overconfident and figured that the next babe after that would be just as easy. She wasn’t. Reality set in. Not that many babes in a given place are leaning or bending or standing or sitting in such a way that some breast or butt crack could be seen.

The fact that the babe I made the mistake with happened to have been wearing high panties (my term for it when regular panties are pulled up above butt crack) is not significant. I could have missed out on another butt crack view, so I need to be aware that, unless I’m at a nude beach or some totally obvious situation, I shouldn’t get overconfident. Each possible view needs to be treated with the same level of concentration.

Again, Greg, a great question, and I’ll continue to point these things out. Readers and listeners to “ Total Creep – A Guy’s Guide “ are welcome to comment at at

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