Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dorm gold for Alan

Alan of VA writes:

"Just wanted to thank you for your help. I wrote you back last August about being in a dorm with a window in a door to a hallway leading into the girls' part of the dorm floor I'm on. Thanks! I followed your advice and after numerous attempts, I was able to catch a break last night. As you pointed out, there are not many opportunities to look without getting caught. It was after midnight last night and I came back from the library. No one was in the hallway and the men's dorm doors were all closed. I stood by that window to see down the hall on the women's side. After about 10 minutes, out came a girl (and I know who she is, and she is cute) who I guess had just taken a shower.

She came out of the bathroom holding her towel near her bottom and walked the other way from the door I was watching through to her room. I saw the side of her left boob at first, and then when she turned to walk down the hall I had a clear view of her butt and her naked body from behind. Then I saw a side view of her boob again when she walked into her room. So I immediately left and went into my room. If it wasn't for your advice, that might never have happened, or I could have been caught and embarassed or even worse. You're the best!"

Thanks, Alan. It's all in a day's work. Just remember to stay in control and not make a habit of this every night. I know there isn't much time left in the semester, but don't risk it. If that were me, I would try to be there around the same time the next week. Maybe she has a late class or something on that night of the week. I would doubt many other girls would chance that, so you might have caught the only one who would actually walk out into the hall, no matter what the hour. College dorms are a big risk for guys to take the chance, even if the rewards are good.

I also decided to go back and see your original note, and thought my readers might want to see that again:

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