Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A total creep version of college prep

Alan of VA writes:

"I love your audio book! I am 18 and just yesterday moved into my freshman dorm room at college. Wish I would have had your book in high school. But now I will be in a dorm that has girls on another part of the floor I'll be living on. Like us guys, the girls will need to walk down the hallway to get to the bathroom and to the showers. The door that leads to the wing where the girls are has a small glass window that shows through to the hallway where the girls would be walking.

In just the first day and a half I have seen a couple of really cute girls that have rooms in that next hallway over. Unfortunately, if I were to be seen by girls looking through that window, it would be obvious to them that I am trying to see them going to or from the bathroom or shower. I know I can't stand there for more than a few seconds at best. It seems the girls' resident assistant rooms right near that door, so she would probably be watching to make sure it stays closed early morning and later at night. I'm going to keep an eye on that and see what the possibilities are. I saw in your book that you commuted to college, so I take it you did not have the dorm experience. What techniques can you suggest for checking out the babes? Also, does it matter if they are not all 18?"

While it is true I commuted to school, back then the guys and the women were in separate buildings and not in the next wing, so it didn't matter. Trust me, that would have been a reason for me to go away to school!

This one is tough to answer because I don't know the floor plan of your dorm. It looks like you have a challenge due to limited time by that door. But I know that boys will be boys. I have to believe that you aren't the only one that would love to keep watch on that hallway around shower time. Try to watch your side of the door to see if other guys are trying to look, or to find a reason to go over to the girls' side of the dorm. Most schools allow time for guys to be in the girls dorm and vice versa for study groups, parties, etc.

If this were me, I would know the schedule of when guys are able to be over on the girls' side. Find reasons to be over there. Sometimes doors are left open during the day in dorms or you can see who comes and goes. I want to find out which rooms the hottest babes are in, and then determine the distance they need to walk to and from the bathrooms. This tells me that if I have a hottie that has to walk several rooms down to and from, I have a longer window of opportunity, but if she lives really close to the bathrooms it isn't likely.

I would also watch for what the girls are wearing when hanging around the dorm rooms. Some will keep covered up all the time, but others may wear short shorts or open clothing, and that is often an indication they may let it show. The idea is to find a babe that could reveal something good that has a longer walk to and from the shower.

Of course, when walking in that hallway I would do my best to glance into any open doors looking to find out where the good lookers are or maybe catch a good peek.

Ideally, I would try to make friends with a girl at the far end of that hallway and maybe offer to study or need to bring books or materials to. Then I would try to be visiting her room very close to the deadline of guys having to leave. For example, say the girls dorm is off limits after 10 PM. I would try to be there just before 10, and then try to stay until about 10:05 and act like I don't realize it is really after 10. Just maybe a babe or two would think the hall is safe and head over to the shower while I'm still in the hallway.

In addition, I would try to keep watch by the doorway (with the window) to get an idea of when guys or girls are nearby or coming through. I would keep track. Maybe I realize that between 7:20 and 7:40 in the morning that nobody leaves for class and the coast is clear. I would then try to hang nearby and occasionally glance through that window and down the hall. Keep in mind that students have consistent schedules throughout the semester. Maybe I could find out that a babe tends to get out of the shower at 7:22 and I could be ready. But I would know to be very careful.

I would probably try getting up earlier than I would like to check for other babes who are early risers, and yet give me time to get ready for my class. Also, if I can see to the elevator or stairs for who comes and goes from the floor, I would watch for late on weekend nights to see when girls are coming back to their rooms. Maybe there would be a party going on in one of the guy's room and I could scoot out as if I'm going to the bathroom, but instead check by the door with the window to see if a babe that just got home is headed for the shower and thinks that no guys can see. Basically, it's trial and error, but don't make the error!

Even if you can't see anything down the hall, look for other opportunities. A coed dorm will have common areas for laundry, student lounge, and study areas. You will have your chances to get some peeks down the top, down the back of low rise jeans, and up skirts. The girls will be wearing loose clothing, shorts, and other very casual and not be as cautious as you would normally expect.

You might also catch a break. Just last year I heard a college girl telling a friend of hers about some babe on her dorm floor that went across to the shower naked even though there were guys nearby and how she didn't seem to care. I don't know how true it is. But I do know from my years of spying on girls at home that as they develop and get ready to go off to college they become much more open about their bodies walking around the house. And, there are some girls who want the attention of guys seeing them partially undressed. So be ready.

As for the age question, I never worried about it because there is no physical contact. I know for a fact I have spyed on high school sophomores who would be either 15 or 16. But they were worth seeing. You can't always tell a babe's age. I have probably seen the goods on more younger babes than I realize, but also have probably enjoyed women in their 40's that still look years younger. I'm not here to give legal advice, but I would tell you not to worry if you are checking out a babe who is 17.

Good luck with your "studies". Let me know how things go for you!

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