Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The readers and listeners of " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide " continue to write with questions and comments........

Don of California writes:

"I especially enjoyed all of your great insights into spying with binoculars. I am fortunate enough to live where I can see into about 20 apartment units and find your advice to be right on target. But I have a challenge. One of the ladies I watch wears a nice short nightgown, and I don't think she wears panties underneath. Even with good binoculars, I can't zoom in enough to tell if I really am seeing her (vagina) or not. I think she is completely shaved there, and without a close up view it's tough to tell. How do you know?"

Great question, Don, and sorry you can't zoom in enough to know for certain. Until the past few years this was very rarely an issue for me since in my early years the babes would not totally shave that area. In fact, there were a few instances where I had the opposite "problem". I saw a few with a lot of dark colored hair there and actually thought they were wearing black panties until I would see butt or enough around the area to realize I saw the goods.

But in the past few years more babes are shaved partially or even completely and it can make it more of a challenge to know for sure that you have indeed seen to the promised land.

Since these babes live where you can regularly see them, I would suggest to give it more time if you aren't sure. At some point you will probably catch her bending over from behind, and if you see her butt crack (without a thong at the top) then you know she is shaved in front. You might also get a full spread view as she sits down or gets up and that will be an indication whether or not she is wearing panties. Hopefully you'll be able to see her undress completely or coming into our out of the shower and know for sure if she is naked or bottomless at the time.

I also take into consideration her hair color, especially if she is a brunette. If she has darker hair, she is not going to lighten the hair around her vag. Even if she keeps a runway or is closely groomed there, you could still see enough dark hair to identify what you see. Even in the years before shaving became so prominent, I ran into this obstacle with some babes who were obviously natural blondes. But at some point, I would be able to tell whether or not they wore panties or be given a definitive opportunity such as seeing her naked.

One other way to tell could be her body language or level of confidence. Often times a babe wearing panties will not care if her legs are spread open, especially at home. Yet, even with no one around, I have noticed some babes who tend to keep covered or watch how they sit when they have nothing on underneath. I suppose it is out of habit.

Aside from suggesting even more powerful binoculars, that is the best I can do. Be thankful you have the "problem". At least you can always tell when you see boobies!

Let me know how this turns out. I like to see success stories from my readers!

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