Friday, September 4, 2009

Adventures - the front door vision

Continuing with the idea that I share some of my experiences and adventures as a "total creep" not included in my book, " Total Creep - A Guy's Guide ". There are some fun stories which are not as instructional in nature as those in the book itself.

I had a wonderful "quick thinking" experience a few years ago. It was during a stretch of a few months when I was renting a townhouse. A nice townhouse and close to work, but miserable for a total creep like me, since I could only see into 4 other units easily with my binoculars. (I worked some at night, so in a way it was good that I wasn't missing being able to spy on hot babes during the late night hours.) And only one of those units had a babe living in it, but she always wore panties around the house, and all I could see was into her living room and dining room.

There was a nice young couple that lived across the street and over one building. I knew them enough to say hi to and had a few conversations. I gave the husband a ride to the store one night. That sort of thing. The wife was cute and had a really good body, but she would always wear a bra and nothing very revealing when outside. Worse yet, they kept their curtains closed the majority of the time and even when they were open, I had a poor angle looking across the street from one side. Living at street level, they understandably were very cautious at night and tended to keep the curtains closed after dark. Months went by and I didn't think I would get the chance to check out the wife's great body before I moved away.

Finally, one of the nights I was not working and at home for the evening turned out to be a nice and cool evening. One of those nights when people would open windows and doors to enjoy the breeze and the fresh air. The babe across the street wasn't even home and her curtains were closed anyway. But about 10:00 that night, I checked by my window and looked over by where that couple lived.

Their curtains were all closed as usual, and they had closed most of the windows, but they were at home. And, they had opened their front door about half way. Their screen door was glass on top and a screen on the bottom, which was ideal for my purposes, since it meant I had a clear view through the glass on the top part. With the door open about half way, I could only see part of their dining room area and the part of their living room which had a big chair facing in the direction I was looking. I knew from the one time I was over there that one of them would often sit in that chair to watch TV.

After months of wanting to see the wife's body and not having a decent opportunity, I figured it was worth risking an hour or so. I grabbed the binoculars and went into my den and closed the door before opening my blinds enough to see out. Since the den was completely dark and my living room lights were on, it appeared from the outside that I was in my living room (or another room) with the curtains closed and that no one was in the den.

I stood up on the couch against the window so I could see out through my upper blinds. As I focused the binoculars I had a good view in through the clear glass screen door. After a few minutes of standing and looking only at the furniture I could see, the wife came into the dining room area, and she was wearing a robe. She turned toward where I was looking and I could see that the top of her robe was open down the middle past her boobs, but the robe was tied way too tight. It didn't look like they would come popping out.

But as she stood by the dining table, I could see that she was talking to her husband. This was perfect! Not only because I couldn't see him, but it meant that he was not sitting in the chair I could see.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the babe came into the living room and sat down in that chair that was facing almost directly toward me. If she were to look straight ahead and across the street, she could only see my living room lights on and curtains closed and then my den window with no lights on and the blinds closed most of the way. She would have no idea that I had my binoculars were already focused in on her from behind those blinds.

When she sat down on the chair, the top of her robe stayed tight. Unfortunately, nothing popped open or out. She immediately crossed her legs, but her robe was looser on the bottom and I could see all the way up on one side. It appeared to my expert eyes (and from my years of looking up skirts with legs crossed in that same way) that she was not wearing panties either. There was the possibility of a thong, but from observing her outside several times I saw panty lines so I knew she always wore regular panties and not a thong.

She then started talking to her husband and looking in his direction. Based on the angle she was looking and from my knowing the layout of their living room, I'm thinking she may have been watching TV and talking with him while he was in the hallway by the closet or the entrance to their bedroom. About 2 minutes later, she moved around on the chair and there was the break I was waiting for!

She opened up her legs, and they were pointing right in my direction. And sure enough, no panties indeed! What she was doing was looking sexy for her husband without showing him the goods. He would know she had nothing on underneath, but there was no boobage showing and he could not see all the way up her legs from his angle, but he probably could tell it was showing. Jackpot! I could see right to her promised land, and her hubby could not. She sat that way for about 10 to 15 wonderful minutes!

After that, she got up from the chair, but her robe stayed tight on top. She closed the front door. Must have gotten cool in the living room. But standing on a couch with one leg resting on the top and holding the binoculars steady for about 40 minutes, including about 10 looking at just furniture, proved worthwhile. As it turned out, in about 8 months there, that was the only time I got to see in when she wasn't fully dressed. Never saw the boobs either.

But a funny post script to this story. The next afternoon I was walking over to the (common area) mailboxes and the wife was walking back. She said "Nice weather!". And then I said "yes, and that was great last night!". If she only knew..............

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